What You Need to Know About Remodeling a House

Remodeling a house is not only a fun experience, but it’s also one that comes with the need for planning, financing, and the occasional inconveniencing of your daily life. Before embarking on the process, you may find it helpful to investigate your options for remodeling, as well as to know about some of the things you’ll encounter during the process.

Listen to What Your Contractor Recommends

When you hire a home remodeling company to help you transform your home, you’ll likely go through a planning phase where the scope of the project may change, expand, or contract. You’ll want to listen to your contractor when he or she tells you that adding a particular room will be much less expensive if you put it in a different area.

You might have your heart set on a second floor mini-kitchen, but your contractor will let you know if your plans are likely to cause your budget to explode. Not only will your hired contractor offer you this information, but you may even get some valuable information about planning when you’re taking bids from different contractors in your area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Samples

Looking at dozens of paint samples can make your eyes cross after a while, and you might find that actually ordering some samples of the paint and even painting a bit on the walls is the way to go. The difference in colors may seem very slight when you look at them in a magazine, but they could look incredibly different on the walls in your home.

realtor.com offers some advice:

“Have you settled on the most amazing periwinkle for the powder room or aged oak for the cabinets? Order samples of absolutely everything you can, from carpet to fabrics… and then take a few days to live with them.”

It’s important to consider how the different colors on the walls might look throughout the day. Colors may appear different in the morning light versus the afternoon sun. You can even take a look at other materials to compare them in your home. It’s easy to get samples of items like tile and cabinet wood, so you can see them in person before you buy.

Be Prepared for Anything

On of the biggest issues you may face during your remodeling project is delays on the timeline. It’s often no one’s fault when it turns out an obstruction in the wall causes a delay or one of the materials you ordered doesn’t get delivered on time or is backordered.

Remodeling your home is a fun and exciting process, and the results will offer your family years of enjoyment. However, it’s important to be realistic in your needs and to understand that something haywire could occur at any time. Sometimes, patience goes a long way, even if the delay causes some inconvenience to your schedule or daily life.

Remodeling a House with Gettum Associates, Inc.

We’re a full-service home remodeling company that can help you with every facet of your summer, spring, winter, or fall home remodeling project, from design and planning to execution and completion. Let us bring our expertise in design and remodeling to help you create a dramatic and beautiful exterior for your home.

Call us at 1-317-888-5681 for more information on our services, as well as to discuss your home remodeling project and how we can help. Plus, if you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, you’ll want to download our guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area.

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