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Kitchen Remodeling in Indianapolis

Thinking about your dream kitchen in Greenwood, Indiana? Let us help you!

Anyone can sell you new cabinets and countertops. But what happens if you want to remove walls, reconfigure the space, relocate plumbing or add additional electrical along with your kitchen remodel?

More often than not, you have to hire additional contractors to complete this work. But not with our full-service remodeling solutions!

A Great Kitchen Renovation Project Starts with a Great Kitchen Design

Kitchen remodels can be a rewarding experience, but the process can often times be stressful. Cabinets are just one of many selections that need to be thought of.  There are also countertop materials to consider as well as backsplash tile, flooring, lighting, paint colors and more.  We strive to help you make informed decisions to help strike a balance between your desires and your budget.

Why Choose Gettum Associates for Kitchen Remodeling and Cabinet Needs?

It’s simple, Gettum Associates is one of a few full-service cabinetry dealers that will handle everything from start to finish. From the pre-design, initial planning stages all the way through completion of construction, we pride ourselves in being your “one stop shop.” Not only can we remove walls to open up space, all other aspects of your project, such as plumbing, electrical, and flooring work is coordinated for you as well.

Let us help simplify your project and create the kitchen space you’ve always wanted.


Your dreams are just that – yours! We’re here to walk with you every step of the way to turn your dream home into a reality.

Fast Building

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that your project is completed in the proposed timeframe. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your project on track.

Save Money

We won’t nickel and dime you if something goes wrong. We aim for 100% satisfaction and that means getting the job done as promised and on budget.

Let's Build Together

We want to be your remodeler for life, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations and making you happy every step of the way.

Let's Build Something Together

Ready to get started on your next project? Contact us now!

Yes! A kitchen remodel is a good return on your investment as it can help maintain the value of your home and a newer kitchen is more appealing to potential buyers if you are looking to sell your home.

That depends. Are you good with your hands, understand how to operate the necessary tools, have experience with plumbing, electrical and ventilation? Do you have the time and patience to complete your project? And, are you willing to take the chance on how the project will look when you’re done?

Like most things in remodeling, the answer is it depends. In some cases, wall removal is no big deal. In other cases, walls can contain hidden wiring, plumbing or HVAC ductwork. There are ways to re-route concealed mechanicals in some cases. A careful analysis can usually help determine the likelihood of these conditions.

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Let Gettum Associates Help With Your Kitchen Remodeling Needs!
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