Tips on Surviving a Remodeling Project

Tips for a successful remodel projet

Let’s face it. Remodeling is a bit like “child birth”. Initially there’s some fear, some anxiety and yes a little discomfort during the process. But just as these memories vanish when a mother looks into the eyes of her newborn, homeowners forget the normal trials and tribulations of remodeling once their newly “reborn” home emerges.

You can actually enjoy the remodeling process if you just follow two simple principals:

#1-Be prepared and

#2-have the right attitude.

Being prepared includes recognizing that a professional job with professional results requires a professional. Be sure you select a full service design/build remodeling contractor who handles, and is responsible for, the whole project-start to finish. You should be sure that they have a full time staff and are present on site throughout the process. It’s their job to manage the project, not yours; that’s what you pay them for.

Make sure you have a clear, detailed and guaranteed cost contract, a complete scope of work and full specifications before ANYTHING starts. Most horror stories involve misunderstandings involving these basic things.

Another thing that will ensure a project will run smoothly is to have a “pre-construction” conference with your contractor prior to work beginning. Great communication makes for great projects. At this meeting, go through your contract and specs once again and be sure everyone is on the same page. Even little things like work hours, bathroom availability, and talks about “who chases fluffy if she gets out” are important discussions to have.

Your contractor should also warn you to remove personal items from the work area and even to take down things hanging on the other side of the walls in the work area, just to be sure. An initial schedule, and basic understanding of what to expect and when, will go miles toward helping you prepare for those times that sinks, ovens and dishwashers won’t be available to you.

Hint: unless you have the luxury of a second kitchen or plans were included for a temporary kitchen in the basement, start to stock pile coupons for pizza delivery and Chinese right now.

But the most important part of surviving any home remodel is simply having the right attitude.

Have realistic expectations.

If you expect to say “Driver, MOVE THAT BUS” in seven days, you are going to be disappointed. That is not reality. Reality is, if you did your homework in selecting a professional design/build remodeling contractor, the “birthing pains” involved in your “re-born home” will all be worth it.

You can learn more about Gettum Associates remodeling process by checking out our Step by Step Remodeling Process Here.

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