Remodeling is like child birth but can be worth it!

remodeling process

Let’s face it. Remodeling is a bit like child birth. Initially there’s some fear, some anxiety and admittedly… a little discomfort during the process. Just as these raw emotions vanish when a mother looks into the eyes of her newborn, homeowners forget the normal trials and tribulations of remodeling once their newly “reborn” home emerges. 

Because of the “Whole House Makeover” type TV programs, families are seeing the favorable economics of making changes to their existing home instead of moving. However, this is also where their questions start. Where do we start? What should we do? Or …should we just move?  

Gettum Associates Inc. has spent over three decades in the Design/Build Remodeling business specializing in helping homeowners get answers to these questions. “When talking about people’s families and their homes” says Phil Gettum, President of Gettum Associates, Inc., “one size definitely does not fit all. 

“In over thirty years, we have never done the same job twice” adds Gettum. “Each home and each family is different which makes their needs different. Under one umbrella of responsibility, the Gettum Team does it all.”

From initial design concepts through to the completed construction, each Team is comprised of Gettum employees and does not rely on subs. There is an Architectural Design Department and a complete Field Construction Department. Both teams work together to develop a design, prepare a guaranteed cost quotation and complete the final customized project for each homeowner. 

Many of our projects are tailored to growing family that simply need “more space for living.” These families are enjoying a brand new kitchen, an expanded hearth room/family room and spending lots of time in the new screen porch and huge deck. And most importantly, they didn’t have to move.

You can learn about our process and read more about who we are right here on our website. 

Don’t move, improve! 

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