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Sidewalk and walkway materials and options

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Does your sidewalk look like this?

Replacement and redesign of your front entry walkway or sidwalk can go a long way to increasing your home’s curb appeal as well as it’s value.  Long gone are the straight, linear lines of traditional sidwalks.  Now, there are many options in both design and the materials used for the surfaces.

Sidewalk design has been transformed from a necessity to a design element. Many walkways now follow the natural curves in landscape or lend some sort of specific accent to the overall “feel” of an entry and the house itself.  Sweeping curves can be common, although don’t look past the main objesctive: To get to the front door!  That doesn’t mean you cannot embelish a little.  Feel free to follow the curves of your planting bed, or have soft curves around obstacles such as trees.

flagstone sidewalk 1 resized 600Materials used for sidewalks and walkways offer a bit more variety than your grandmother’s straight, standard concrete look.  Of course, standard concrete is a fine option.  It suits the purpose and can be designed in any curvy way you like. However, there are also natural materials, such as real stone that can be a nice look for the right house and setting.  Perhaps a nice compromise is decorative concrete.


stamped concrete 1 resized 600Decorative concrete offers a lot of design versatility.  It can mimic the look of natural stone, brick or tiles yet keep the long-lasting benefits that concrete has to offer.  With the right pattern and even stain color, stamped decorative concrete can mimic almost any look you can imagine.  There are plenty of options when it comes to decorative concrete. Almost any house style can be complimented.

stamped concrete 2 resized 600If your thinking about upgrading the curb appeal to your Indianapolis home, focusing on the entry way and the sidewalks is a great place to start! After all, the entry is the first impression a visitor will make about your home!

For more information on increasing the curb appeal of your Indianapolis area home, check out Gettum Associates Inc., an award-winning Indianapolis area remodel company.  They do projects of all sizes and can transform your house into your dream home!

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