Curb appeal can increase your home’s value

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They say that first impressions count and that is certainly true when it comes to houses. If you can create an instant curb appeal for your home then you are pretty likely to boost its value, as well as enjoying the fact that you live in a great looking property.

Money well spent

The National Association of Home Builders has reported that many homeowners are spending a lot more money on the outside of their houses than ever before, a trend supported by statistics that strongly suggest that a property with good landscaping will command a higher sale value.

Real-estate agents love curb appeal

A study carried out by Arbor National Mortgage concluded that an overwhelming 84% of Real-estate agents believed that a property with an abundance of trees and shrubs would fetch as much as a 5% higher premium on the sale value compared to a similar property that had not had any landscaping done.

Realistic budget

The big question for many homeowners looking to improve the outside of their property by landscaping is how much to spend and what are the best things to spend your money on. You need to set a realistic budget and try to be as creative as possible with what you buy, but bear in mind that transforming the look of your garden is a work-in-progress and you don’t have to do it all at once.

Getting some ideas

There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other gardens that you like the look of and looking through books and magazines to see which plants, trees and also what style of decking and fencing might be best suited to your property.

You may find that some local nurseries as well as some of the major garden retailers offer a design service to help you create the perfect look and some of these offer their design service for free if you are buying the plants from them.

Starting out

If you are on a tight budget then you might want to consider making an instant impact by planting a large-caliper shade tree which will instantly give your front yard a more established garden look which might otherwise take a lot longer to create.

Remember that small plants and shrubbery can quickly grow so when planting your beds and borders make sure you allow enough room for them to reach maturity and to avoid suffocation which can kills some of the plants off if they are too close together.

Keeping bushes trimmed

A border of bushes and trees helps to create curb appeal and smartens the overall appearance of your property but just remember to keep them trimmed to a reasonable height. Home security companies such as say that screening your property from view by letting the bushes and trees grow too tall will present a potential security risk as an intruder could be able to break-in undetected if their actions are covered by overgrown foliage.

Other simple ideas to consider when landscaping your garden include using mulch to tidy up bedding areas and use some planted tubs on the decking area or patio if you have one.

With a bit of creative thinking and even if you are on a tight budget you can quickly add to the curb appeal of your property with some attractive landscaping.

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