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Fall Maintenance Projects for the Home

fall maintenanceWhen it's time to trade in that bottle of sunscreen for a trick-or-treat bag, it's a good idea to look around your home for things that might need attention, like the gutters, windows, and garage. Ensuring an energy efficient home in the winter may depend upon getting a few upgrades or replacing some of the older features of your home.

The fall is also a terrific time to plan a renovation because the heat of the summer has passed, and the snows of the winter have not yet arrived. Is the paint peeling on your home? Are any of the shingles on the roof displaced or loose? Is your fireplace full of creosote and last year's soot? You might have some renovations, remodeling, or upgrades ahead of you.

Readying Your Windows for Winter

The fall is a terrific time to think about replacing the windows and doors of your home, particularly if they're old, drafty, and likely to let in winter air this season. Did you notice condensation or frost forming on windows last winter? Better Homes & Gardens suggests [...]

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A Refreshing Pause: How to Host Your Own Afternoon Tea Party

One thing Americans didn’t inherit from the British is tea time. It’s unfortunate, because tea can be a great beverage to sit down and enjoy on a cold winter’s night. It can also be a great way to spend time with friends during the day.

A Basic Afternoon Kit

If you own a tiered cake stand, a nice tea pot, and loose leave tea, you pretty much have all of the basics for a tea party. Loose tea, like the kind you can buy through Teavana or specialty tea shops, makes for an entertaining party.

If you don’t have any of this stuff, pick up a starter kit at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and stores that traditionally sell kitchen appliances. They have a nice collection of tea supplies that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, you can hit up thrift shops and Goodwill for old Chinaware. Don’t worry too much about matching the patterns or finding complete sets of coffee cups; you’re going for the experience to start out.

Once you have hosted a few tea parties, you can worry about getting matching sets.

Setting the [...]

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Scaffolding FAQ’s for the average homeowner

picture of scaffoldingWhat goes up must come down.  When it comes to home repair, it’s easy to momentarily forget physics in exchange for a desire to do something quickly.  For example, you may notice chipped paint on the ceiling, a hanging shingle from the home roof, or a light bulb fixture in need of repair atop a high corner of a room.

It’s easy to mistakenly opt for a rusty old ladder rather than something more practical (and a lot more safe) like a scaffold.  When ladders are ‘not enough’ to complete the home –repair equation, it’s time to bring in the scaffolding.  Yet, before you start climbing, read the following FAQs.

What is a Scaffold?

Scaffolds are large, flat working areas used by painters, engineers and other workers to address a bigger area of space, effective for longer projects.  Since equipment, workers and enough space for optimal safety are hosted on scaffolds, it’s preferred over extension ladders.

What Size?

Scaffolds can be modified to fit the need and requirements of a specific job.  Additional sections can be fit to a frame so workers may [...]

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Full Renovation Makeover: Ultra-Modern or Traditional?

home renovationThe once-beautiful features of your home speak of a different era when wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, and frosted glass blocks were all the rage. Unfortunately, your home hasn't reached a point where you can truly call it "retro."

Perhaps you'd love to see something else on the walls of your living room than the expansive brown paneling, and the popcorn ceiling that's always dumping tiny white puffs onto your floor.

Whether you choose to undergo a major renovation of your home or some strategic remodeling, you'll definitely be pulled in many directions as far as style and design are concerned. Two popular styles for home renovations are modernist architecture and traditional architecture, and each of these styles have many layers and attitudes.

Modernist Architecture

Modernist architecture often brings to mind designs by innovators like Frank Lloyd Wright, and the homes that blend into the scenery as much as they put their own, ultra-modern stamp upon the landscape.

Frank Lloyd Wright once said:

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

You may associate modern architecture with spacious and recently built [...]

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Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency: Remodel Your Home with Smarter Technology

While your family members may not have initially agreed, it actually may be a payoff that you waited so long to renovate your home. The latest technological opportunities and the eco-friendly upgrades available on the market today will enable you to transform your home into a castle that provides long-term savings, better functionality, improved efficiency, and a significant increase in its value all with a click or touch of a button.

Cooling Down and Keeping Warm

Old windows and doors in a home are notorious not only for being the culprit of heat loss during Indiana’s snowy winters, but also the reason for all the excessive heat in your home during the region’s sultry summers. The top-of-the-line windows and skylights on the market today provide information about their energy ratings to help you choose the most energy-efficient products for your home's remodeling projects. Developed by the nonprofit National Fenestration Rating Council, these ratings and labels document criteria including U-factors, better known as the heat transmittance rating of the window, and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) which numbers the increase in temperature in a space. When selecting the best window or skylight forIndiana’s mixed [...]

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Confronting the Need for “Aging in Place”

aging in placeWith millions of baby boomers reaching and breaching retirement age, concerns of healthcare, safety, and longevity permeate many conversations between couples and families living in a home that's been in the family for decades. Over time, the home becomes a lifeline between family members where the kids and grandkids can come home to be with everyone to celebrate.

However, the natural process of aging does throw some roadblocks in the way of living safely at home instead of living in an assisted care facility. No matter whether a family can afford a high-quality assisted living facility, just about everyone would rather live at home in his or her twilight years rather than in a nursing home or assisted care facility.

Recent Technology to Help Seniors

In recent news articles published by Aging in Place Technology, many new entries into the market feature assistance for caregivers and children who need to take care of elderly adults. One interesting option features a service that helps family keep an eye on a family member who [...]

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Gettum Associates is an Indy A-List 2014 Nominee

A ListGettum Associates, Inc. of Greenwood, Indiana recently garnered a nomination from the Indy A-List, which is a voter-supported listing of the best businesses in and around Indianapolis.

From the organizers of the Indy A-List:

"The Indy A-List is a contest featuring more than 4,852 local businesses competing to be named best. YOUR votes determine the outcome."

In a recent interview and podcast on Remodelers on the Rise, Vice President Jason Gettum revealed that his dedication and enthusiasm for the remodeling industry started early, when he started helping his father on job sites.

According to Jason, one of the most important features of a strong business is honesty with customers and confidence in the end result. When asked about the most exciting part of the remodeling business, Jason said:

"When people like their neighborhood, like their school, like their neighbors and they see that it's possible for them to modify their house, avoid the stress of moving and make it fit what they need. I think it's a pretty exciting thing [...]

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Remodelers On the Rise Hosts Jason Gettum of Gettum Associates

Remodelers On The RiseIn this month's Remodelers on the Rise, Jason Gettum shares his company's approach to the honesty and integrity that influences each remodeling project by the company. In fact, when asked about what quote for success he would apply to his work with Gettum Associates, Jason said:

"Work Smarter, Not Harder."

The remodeling industry presents exciting challenges that require creative solutions and dedication to seeing complex projects to the end. A lifelong member of the home renovation industry, Jason and the other members of Gettum Associates, Inc. have spent decades refining their company's model for success.

When asked what was important to Gettum's long history and success, Jason said:

"I don't get discouraged easily. It has helped me out with a lot of business and personal struggles. The ability to persevere is a great trait that I believe I got from my father. But, I don't quit. I don't give up easily."

"I fight through it. I figure out a way to make it happen."

This enthusiasm for getting the best out of every [...]

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The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Homes

exterior paint colorsThe exterior color of your home may influence how your visitors feel when they approach your house, and changing the color of your home may provide a needed refresher to its appearance. When updating a major part of your home's exterior, such as the siding, roof, or doors, you'll need to have conversations on colors and whether your home might benefit from an update on hue or shade.

Choosing a Roofing Color

The roof of your home keeps its occupants safe from inclement weather and protects the family's possessions, and it also creates a statement based upon what type of roofing is chosen, as well as the color. You'll likely want to choose a roofing material that will last a long time, but you'll also need to consider a new color.

Consider that the color of your roofing shingles might help you save on energy bills during seasonal highs and lows. Not only can the roof keep your attic at an appropriate temperature, but shingles may also help to reflect or absorb sunlight, which helps cool or warm the home.

Generally [...]

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Should You Build a Home Addition or Renovate? Getting More Space

home additionPerhaps you've got a little one on the way or your mother-in-law needs to move into your home, but you're facing some difficult space issues that might make the addition of another person into the household a tight squeeze. Do you need to build an addition to the home, or can you renovate to find more space?

Packing the family up to move to a larger home might not be realistic for a variety of reasons. The cost of a new home, a family's current location, and the family history in a present residence might make thoughts of a new house unattractive. Fortunately, several options exist for finding extra space in the home.

Finding More Space: Rearranging and Renovating the Home

Build a Home Addition By Looking Up

Adding another bedroom is a common goal for renovation in the home, but getting an extra bedroom doesn't always mean that you need to add an entire addition onto the home. If your home has an attic, one option is to finish the attic and turn it into a bedroom. "This Old House" offers [...]

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