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Should You Consider an Open Floor Plan?

Should You Consider an Open Floor Plan?You've had your eye on that gigantic television that'd be perfect for movie night, but you're not sure if your living room would accommodate a large television. If you've been considering renovations that might change the layout of your home, you've probably thought about an open floor plan and whether your home would support this dramatic architectural style.

The Best Things About an Open Floor Plan

You might associate open floor plans with modern homes, but it's definitely possible to [...]

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Renovations for Lowering Electricity Bills in Winter

Renovations for Lowering Electricity Bills in WinterAs your home ages, the systems within it become less efficient, and everything starts to cost more. Your refrigerator needs more electricity to keep things cool. Your heating system needs to work harder to keep the home warm in the winter. Your old plumbing system uses much more water than the modern devices installed in today's homes.

All of these inefficiencies and more are perfect targets for a renovation plan that seeks to reduce the amount of energy your [...]

Home Addition Planning Guide: Basic Tips and Ideas

home renovation planning guideBuilding an addition on your home is an exciting way to create more space for your family, improve your home's value, and have fun with the home ownership experience. Perhaps you'd like to add a master bedroom with cool features like a giant bathroom or walk-in closets.

Maybe your kitchen feels like you live in a submarine and extending it into the backyard would help create a better space for cooking. There's a lot of planning involved in creating a home addition, and here's the information you need to [...]

Fall Maintenance Projects for the Home

fall maintenanceWhen it's time to trade in that bottle of sunscreen for a trick-or-treat bag, it's a good idea to look around your home for things that might need attention, like the gutters, windows, and garage. Ensuring an energy efficient home in the winter may depend upon getting a few upgrades or replacing some of the older features of your home.

The fall is also a terrific time to plan a renovation because the heat of the summer has passed, and the snows of the winter have not yet arrived. Is the paint peeling [...]

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A Refreshing Pause: How to Host Your Own Afternoon Tea Party

One thing Americans didn’t inherit from the British is tea time. It’s unfortunate, because tea can be a great beverage to sit down and enjoy on a cold winter’s night. It can also be a great way to spend time with friends during the day.

A Basic Afternoon Kit

If you own a tiered cake stand, a nice tea pot, and loose leave tea, you pretty much have all of the basics for a tea party. Loose tea, like the kind you can buy through Teavana or specialty tea shops, makes for an entertaining party.

If you don’t have any of this [...]

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Scaffolding FAQ’s for the average homeowner

picture of scaffoldingWhat goes up must come down.  When it comes to home repair, it’s easy to momentarily forget physics in exchange for a desire to do something quickly.  For example, you may notice chipped paint on the ceiling, a hanging shingle from the home roof, or a light bulb fixture in need of repair atop a high corner of a room.

It’s easy to mistakenly opt for a rusty old ladder rather than something more practical (and a lot more safe) like a scaffold.  When ladders are ‘not enough’ to complete the home –repair equation, [...]

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Full Renovation Makeover: Ultra-Modern or Traditional?

home renovationThe once-beautiful features of your home speak of a different era when wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, and frosted glass blocks were all the rage. Unfortunately, your home hasn't reached a point where you can truly call it "retro."

Perhaps you'd love to see something else on the walls of your living room than the expansive brown paneling, and the popcorn ceiling that's always dumping tiny white puffs onto your floor.

Whether you choose to undergo a major renovation of your home or some strategic remodeling, you'll definitely be pulled in many directions as far as [...]

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Lower Costs and Increased Efficiency: Remodel Your Home with Smarter Technology

While your family members may not have initially agreed, it actually may be a payoff that you waited so long to renovate your home. The latest technological opportunities and the eco-friendly upgrades available on the market today will enable you to transform your home into a castle that provides long-term savings, better functionality, improved efficiency, and a significant increase in its value all with a click or touch of a button.

Cooling Down and Keeping Warm

Old windows and doors in a home are notorious not only for being the culprit of heat loss during Indiana’s snowy winters, but also the reason for all the [...]

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Confronting the Need for “Aging in Place”

aging in placeWith millions of baby boomers reaching and breaching retirement age, concerns of healthcare, safety, and longevity permeate many conversations between couples and families living in a home that's been in the family for decades. Over time, the home becomes a lifeline between family members where the kids and grandkids can come home to be with everyone to celebrate.

However, the natural process of aging does throw some roadblocks in the way of living safely at home instead of living in an assisted care facility. No matter whether a family can afford a high-quality [...]

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Gettum Associates is an Indy A-List 2014 Nominee

A ListGettum Associates, Inc. of Greenwood, Indiana recently garnered a nomination from the Indy A-List, which is a voter-supported listing of the best businesses in and around Indianapolis.

From the organizers of the Indy A-List:

"The Indy A-List is a contest featuring more than 4,852 local businesses competing to be named best. YOUR votes determine the outcome."

In a recent interview and podcast on Remodelers on the Rise, Vice President Jason Gettum revealed that his dedication and enthusiasm for the remodeling industry started early, when he [...]

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