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Local Remodeler Attends National Industry Education Event

Remodelers-Advantage-Technology-Summit-2015-Gettum-AssociatesPhil and Jason Gettum of Gettum Associates, Inc recently attended the Annual Remodelers Summit in Addison, Texas, presented by Remodelers Advantage, a top industry educator and consulting firm.

With only 400 seats available, the Gettum’s were excited to be able to join other top remodelers from across the U.S. and Canada to sharpen business skills and become a stronger and even more stable business.

These business owners were given the opportunity to choose from dozens of workshops and seminars giving them the ability to focus exclusively on the areas that they needed to [...]

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Savvy Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Savvy Small Kitchen Design IdeasA small kitchen can make it difficult to prepare meals quickly, and it's also a recipe for disaster when more than one person needs the room. With a few kids or pets underfoot, your small kitchen could become a messy hassle and an obstacle course. However, there are several small kitchen design ideas that can help you create a more enjoyable kitchen.

Some solutions are easy to accomplish on a weekend and others usually require a call to your local contractor. Your kitchen space is supposed to offer [...]

Here’s Where to Spend Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

Here's Where to Spend Money on Your Kitchen RenovationYour kitchen remodel can completely change the look of your kitchen, or it can offer you a modestly updated space for your family gatherings. As you budget your kitchen renovation, it's important to spend money on the features that make sense for your lifestyle, and to avoid cutting corners where cheap materials may cost more in the long run.

Here's some budgeting advice and ideas on where to spend money on your kitchen renovation.

Simple Concepts for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation

If you're not a design [...]

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When Is It Time for a Home Renovation?

When Is It Time for a Home Renovation?Over time, your home becomes a source of pride for you and your family. You make memories in your home, and you update and upgrade features over time to accommodate your family's changing needs.

At a certain point, those minor upgrades aren't sufficient, and it's time to think about a renovation. Here are some things to consider that will help you when and if you decide that it's time for a home renovation.

Do You Enjoy Living in Your Home?

A home that needs significant renovation isn't [...]

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Exterior Renovations: Tips for Upgrading Your Home

Exterior Renovations: Tips for Upgrading Your Home

New detached single family luxury home with brick facade

How long has it been since your roof was replaced? Does the siding on your home look a little aged? Are there unsightly weeds and overgrown plants crowding your front lawn? Could the door use a paint job?

You have many options for upgrading your home, and exterior renovations are important for aesthetics, as well as for ensuring your home can protect your family and belongings. Here's what you should consider when planning an exterior [...]

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Increasing Square Footage Without an Addition

increasing square footageMoving into a larger home is an obvious way to solve space problems, but what happens when you're already living in the home of your dreams, and you don't want to move? What if you have a loved one moving in and need more space? You can increase square footage in your house in a few ways, but not every option requires putting a giant addition on the back of your home.

Adding some square feet and space to your home will likely improve the sale price if [...]

When Dad Moves In: Renovations for Seniors

When Dad Moves In: Renovations for SeniorsToday, life expectancy worldwide is more than 70-years-old, and for Americans that number is nearly 80. That means more families are looking for ways to keep mom and dad safe as they get older.

According to an article from CNN, renovations for the elderly are becoming quite common:

"Renovations designed with the elderly in mind is the fastest-growing segment of the remodeling industry, said James Lapides of the National Association of Home Builders, a home builder and remodeler trade association."

Evidence suggests that elderly people have [...]

Smart Renovations for Your Small Bathroom

Smart Renovations for Your Small BathroomSometimes a large, luxurious bathroom that looks as big as your dorm room in college just isn't possible in your home's current floor plan, but that doesn't mean you have to feel inconvenienced by your tiny bathroom. There are many options for improving and enhancing your small bathroom.

Consider these "big" ideas for your small bathroom.

Do Something Unexpected

You may think you're bound by the average sizes of various things in your bathroom, but there are some interesting options for squeezing more room out of what might feel [...]

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April showers bring May flowers….and Hail too!

They say April showers bring May flowers. Yes, and sometimes hail as well.

Ah, spring in Indiana. Check your home for damage!

Indiana hail storm picture

Pictures of hail in an Indiana storm

Up and down temperatures after a long winter are just enough warmth to tease, but still chilly to keep the thermostat set to warm on most nights. Yet, a few days of decent temperatures can lead to intense storms, and sometimes of the nasty variety. Have you checked your home for storm or hail damage? If not, [...]

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The Importance of Roof Repair and Maintenance

The Importance of Roof Repair and MaintenanceReplacing the roof on your home is one of the pricier home renovation projects you can choose, but when the roof needs an upgrade it's almost impossible to ignore it for long. However, before your roof is decades old and in need of full replacement, there are a variety of options you may consider to help your roof last a few more years.

Vigilance and Persistence are the Key

Ignoring various features around your home is certainly one way to end up with bigger repair bills. [...]

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