What Are the Pros & Cons of a Second Floor and Main Level Additions?

Adding a home addition in IndianapolisYou have finally come to the realization that you need more space in your house.  Perhaps you have looked at existing homes for sale in your area. Or, maybe you considered having a house built.  After investigating each avenue, you realize your best option is your current home, with renovations completed to meet your family's needs. 

You like your neighborhood and your neighbors so remodeling or building an addition, in many cases, is a great option to stay where you are and modify your existing home to [...]

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Screened Porch Design and Options

Screen porch interior | Carmel IndianaSummer is here!! If you're like us, you're ready for some warmth, family gatherings, and easy living! One great way to enjoy the many benefits of summer without the drawbacks (like extreme heat and bugs) is to invest in a screened in porch or patio.

When it comes to adding a screened porch addition for you Indianapolis home, there are many options to consider.  Sure, a screen porch can be a simple room addition with a roof overhead and standard screening, but, there are many design details and options [...]

Get Answers to 24 of the Most Common Home Improvement Questions!

Do you ever run into issues with your home that you wish you could just fix yourself? You're not alone! In this post, Indianapolis remodeling expert Jason Gettum takes the time to answer questions about many of the most common home improvement issues that homeowners typically run into.

Take a look at these 24 common questions and let us know if you spot something Jason hasn't covered!

These questions are from real Indianapolis area homeowners just like yourself.

Ask the Expert: Jason Gettum Answers 24 of the Most Common Home Improvement Questions

How do I get [...]

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Why a Remodeling Contract is Important for the Success of Your Project

a-remodel-contract-is-important-for-the-success-of-your-next-projectHave big plans for your next project? Get it in writing!

So, you've decided you really need the extra "room" a new addition could add to your home. The excitement and anticipation of having a space the whole family can enjoy has you anxious at the start, and eventual completion of the project.

You did your homework and all the necessary research and planning that a major renovation would entail. You carefully selected your contractor by getting references, researching their qualifications and validating their businesses. You did that right? Oops, you might have overlooked [...]

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Cast Your Vote for Gettum Associates as the 2017 Indy A-List ‘Best Home Remodeler’!

gettum-associates-indianapolis-2017-Indy-A-List2Yes!! We just got our 2017 nomination from the Indy A-List in the 'Best Home Remodeling' category!

The Indy A-List is a contest featuring more than 5,240 local businesses competing to be named best. YOUR votes determine the outcome.

Voting ends Sunday, April 9th.

The contest is in it's 10th year, and we've been nominated for many of those years. We've finished in the top 10 for five of those years and the top 5 three times, but in 2017 we really want to WIN!

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Gettum Associates Celebrates 30 Years of Remodeling Homes in Indianapolis

30-years-service-gettum-associates-indianapolis-remodelersGettum Associates, a full-service, Indianapolis area home remodeling and design-build contractor announced today that the company is celebrating it's 30th anniversary.

Since day 1, Gettum has specialized in helping Indianapolis area homeowners transform their houses into their dream homes! They do this by combining design capabilities with the expertise of remodeling project supervisors and carpenters to provide a one-stop shop to alleviate the headache and frustration of coordinating with multiple contractors.

Gettum Associates History

Gettum Associates was founded in 1987 by Phil Gettum, who caught the remodeling bug while working for his uncle.

“I learned so [...]

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Remodeling & Changing the Interior Design of Your Home

interior designThe phrase "interior design" might bring to mind a change of drapes, a few new pieces of furniture, and a different color of paint on the walls. However, interior design as part of an interior home remodel can create dramatic change within your home that can refresh its appearance, improve its value, and increase the enjoyment you have in owning your home.

Whether you opt for a major remodel of your home with an entirely new style, or you simply upgrade your tired interior for a new, fresh look, you and [...]

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Balancing Form and Function in a Living Room Remodel

gettum-associates-indianapolis-sweetwater-lake-livingroomA design principle that came about in the early twentieth century is the concept that "form follows function," and modern designers, architects, and remodeling contractors have taken this idea to heart in modern remodeling projects. 

The principle is that the design of a building, room, or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.

The concept is associated with the modern architecture movement that was popular almost 100 years ago, but implementation of the idea doesn't necessarily mean a project must adhere to modern design. A homeowner may design a [...]

The Importance of Smart Design for Your Major Home Remodel

gettum-associates-indianapolis-sweetwater-lake-kitchen2Remodeling projects run the gamut from brief weekend jobs that improve the surface features of a room in your home (like new paint or a new piece of furniture) to major remodeling plans that change the entire layout of your house.

Many contractors excel at creating a beautiful space, but are not necessarily able to help you redesign your home for better functionality. Most people will hire an architect for that work.

However, with the help of a specialized design/build contractor, you can make smart design decisions that will ensure your brand new home [...]

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Are You Ready to Buy a Fixer-Upper?

buy a fixer-upperBuying a home is an exciting time in anyone's life, and you might be thinking about whether to buy a fixer-upper. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and finishing projects around the house, you might enjoy finding a house that needs a little work.

However, it's important to understand the difference between a house that needs some major TLC and a home that just needs a few updates that you can complete over a few weekends. Here are a few factors to consider before you sign on [...]