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Increase your curb appeal to sell your home faster!

Thinking about selling your house or should you remodel? Confused? If so, your like many that are trying to decide whether moving into a new or different home would be better than remodeling your existing home.  Especially considering the economics, your options are even more cloudy.

Does it make sense to remodel your Indianapolis area home to suit your needs? Or, is it better to sell what you have and move into something better for you and your family? That is a hard question. If your like many, who might not be able to get back out of your home what you expected, the answer is a whole lot more confusing.

Our advice from a reputable Indianapolis contractor:  Ask a trusted real estate professional what you can expect to get back out of your home given your location, neighborhood and school district, etc.  Like your neighborhood and schools, then maybe remodeling is a better fit for you.  After you have shopped around the available are homes for sale, maybe you dont see a home that suits your needs. Or, at least the home does not compare to your lot, your yard, your neighbors or your school system. Then  maybe remodeling is the best choice to investigate.

As long as you are not upside down in your current home investment, remodeling your Indianapolis area home can be a viable solution.  There is the potential you can accomplish all your family’s goals, stay in your existing home and not leave your area, school systems and neighbors. If that is your case, consult a reputable Indianapolis area remodel contractor, like Gettum Associates Inc.

If not, sometimes the best answer is to sell and look for a home that will fit your family and lifestyle. But what about your existing home?  If you have to sell, heed the advice by many…curb appeal can sell your home. So, what should YOU do to get your house ready?

Check out our guide to enhancing curb appeal for your Indianpaolis area home:

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