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Are you thinking about remodeling your Indianapolis home?  Are you wondering what the end result will look like? Sure you are. If your like most folks exploring the ideas of adding on to your home, you know what you need but not always what it could look like, right?

Truth is, most of us have trouble envisioning how something may look. In the case of adding a room addition to your home, it’s sometimes hard to translate what we see on a flat floor plan. You do have plans of the proposed construction, right?  How are you to tell that your dream addition and remodel will blend perfectly with your existing home? Or, will it look like it just landed?

Good news! Technology exists that CAN help you envision what your completed remodel project will look like. CAD (Computer aided drafting) programs offer the advantage of being able to define almost everything, right down to your paint colors and moulding profiles!  Pretty neat huh!

Another fact: There are endless possibilities of creating a room addition that will create your needs and wants. But, not ALL of those options will create a space that blends seemlessly with your existing home.  Attention to detail, involving design that pays attention to roof lines, original materials and …most importantly, original home style is paramount in creating a successful addition or remodel project.

When choosing your next contractor, be sure to ask questions about design and what things will look like. If you cant “see” it on paper, how will you know how it will look. What is the expectation?  Don’t settle for, “Well, we will build the walls and THINK about tie-ing in the roof structure later.” Don’t do it.

Next time your out driving, pay particular attention to the homes. Especially homes you can see from the rear. Does the architecture of the new fit the old? Are the materials the same or similar? Do things blend nicely or is something out of place?

Protect your investment. Keep up your homes value. Any time you think of a home improvement project, room addition or any other remodel, keep in mind what kind of impact that may have on resale and your overall homes’ value.

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