Winter Maintenance at Your Home

There are a variety of tasks you can accomplish during the winter that can help you keep your home in good condition, as well as reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to perform significant repairs in the spring. Although these tasks might not be able to stop the damage from a severe winter storm, they can keep things running smoothly otherwise.

Clean the Vents and Filters Around the House

One of the simplest pieces of advice given to homeowners is that it’s a good idea to keep filters clear and vents clean throughout the year. Vents can build up piles of dust, and filters can become clogged and virtually inoperable or ineffective.

The amount of laundry you do in the winter may increase due to the extra clothing your family might wear to ward off the cold, and frequent washes can mean frequent drying sessions. A frequently-used dryer may become clogged with lint, fiber, and dust and become a fire hazard in the winter.

Here are a few tasks for keeping your dryer in good shape:

  1. Clean the lint filter (normally at the front of the dryer)
  2. Clean the lint vents (usually at the rear of the dryer)
  3. Run the dryer while it’s empty to clear out residual lint

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests that most home fires start because of faulty or clogged clothes dryers. According to their statistics, lint, dust, and fiber account for 27 percent of clothes dryer fires, and clothing catching on fire account for 26 percent of fires.

“In 2010-2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 15,970 home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year.”

If you’re worried about your washing, too, the NFPA suggests that the majority of fires from washing machines come from wire and cable insulation, or the appliance housing or casing. An electrician may be able to determine whether your washing machine is in good shape or needs some attention.

Get the Gutters Cleaned a Few Times

If you have gutters on your home and trees on your property, you might already be well aware of the leaves that can build up during the fall. However, a single gutter cleaning in the fall might not be enough to keep the gutters fully clear.

If you have some trees that don’t drop their leaves until winter has arrived, your gutters might continue to fill up with leaves and debris throughout November and through December. If you don’t take care of the gutter in the winter, you might greet a rainy spring with a soggy foundation when the gutters are clogged and allow rainwater to sink into the ground.

Did you know that a clogged gutter can actually break and take part of the roof with it if it becomes too heavy?

Tip: If you have an attic, take a trip up the stairs and look for evidence of water damage. If you find any mildew or water damage, you might have some problems that need fixing on your roof or in your drainage system.

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