When do I need a handyman and when do I need a remodel pro?

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handyman vs remodeler

When should you hire a handyman and when you should hire a reputable, full-service remodel contractor for your project

Remodeling and renovation a home can mean many things to many people. Often times, people confess “they have renovated their kitchen” by adding a coat of paint. And they are right. They made a change.  Other’s choose to update the bathroom fixtures, mirrors and accessories and even replace their bath vanity cabinets and countertops.  In other areas of the home, homeowner’s may choose to replace the interior doors and interior trim.  Or, even change hardware or door handles or door locksets.

For many renovation and updates in your home, you can most likely complete the project on your own and in you own time. However, for those that are busy, sometimes it makes sense to hire out.  You can do a quick search for qualified contractors in the Indianapolis area.  You will most likely find a couple of highly recommended and highly qualified contractors to satisfy your needs.  But, your neighbor hired Josh Smith, a handyman from your newspaper. Josh can do simply, handyman task….change your light bulbs, change the hinges on your doors and even change the handles or locksets also.

Josh is a great option for many home improvement tasks.  Changing your light bulbs, changing locksets, and other minor maintenance or improvements are most likely tasks that Josh can complete for a great price and above average results. So, when do you go for a reputable, establised contractor?  Sometime that line can get blurred.

However, there are a few quick answers to those questions.  First, anytime you are making a change to the structure of your home, it is better to consult an experienced contractor to make those modifications.  Second, anytime you may need a permit in your location, you shouldl hire a reputable Indianapolis remodel contractor.  Reputable constractors can research, submit and obtain permits for your project and complete your project in a “legal” fashion. This would include bath and kitchen remodels, in most cases, where fixtures are being relocated.  Do your research, and make sure check into your contractor’s background, records and past customer reviews.

One of the biggest questions we get as a professional contractors is do you do small handyman projects? The short answer is yes. We do project of all sizes.  In some cases, you may feel better with us coordinating and comleting your work.  In other cases, we may refer you to your local handyman! Sure, we could do it, but it may be well within his range of comfortable of work. If it will save you time and money, we will tell you.  If your having other renovations done to your home by a contractor, you can usually save some money by having your odds and ends and handyman type projects completed at the same time as another project.

For the most part, if you have only minor improvements to make, hiring a handyman might make sense.  BUT, protect yourself.Get the terms in writing prior to starting work.  And beware that your contractor of choice is licensed and bonded according to local regulations.  If you are leery of contractor, stop! Review their history, status with the BBB and consult with a local reputable contractor to verify your information.  Don’t gamble with your project!

If you have questions on your next remodel or home improvement project in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas, submit your question to “E mail the Expert” at or click here:

Good luck!

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