What are the Best Green Remodeling Projects for Your Home?

Green remodeling projects help you save money in the long run through energy-efficient construction and also boost your home’s value and reputation when and if you decide to sell. In many cases, eco-friendly remodeling is almost as easy to accomplish as traditional remodeling, and it only requires choosing “this” instead of “that” when it comes to materials and construction methods.

Modern Home Buyers Want Green Tech

According to an article from U.S. News & World Report, one of the most valuable facets of remodeling a home is including eco-friendly updates.

“Today’s luxury homebuyers are seeking homes that have eco-friendly features or design elements, and sustainability has never before been such a hot topic in everyday real estate.”

However, it’s not just the luxury homeowners who are looking for energy efficient and green-friendly features in their homes. A report published in 2018 by the National Association of Realtors suggests that 71 percent of Realtors included energy-efficient details in their home listings.


“Sixty-one percent of respondents found clients were at least somewhat interested in sustainability.”

So, home buyers today aren’t merely interested in reducing their electricity bills with efficient refrigerators and their water bills with high-efficiency faucets. They’re also interested in the concept of sustainability, which covers a significant array of remodeling topics.

Not only should the faucets in the kitchen use less water than their predecessors, but the countertops that surround the sink should be made from sustainable, renewable, or recyclable materials.

Sustainability and green-friendly remodeling have become so popular that many of the major search engines for real estate have started including data fields for “green” information about homes for sale.

What Green Remodeling Options Should You Choose?

Like any remodeling project, your green-friendly remodeling plan may need to include some negotiation and decisions about what to include and what not to include. Some green options are great for the planet but take years (or even decades) to offer any return on investment, and you may not be able to afford that $60,000 solar array on your roof just yet.

However, you may be able to include a smaller solar system on your roof that helps you reduce your electricity bills rather than eliminating it.

According to an article on homes.com, the name of the game is “repurposing” when it comes to eco-friendly home updates:

“Repurposing is one of the key tenets of eco-friendly building. Cutting down additional forests contributes to global warming. Trees do a great deal to recycle air and reduce pollution, as well. Not only that but tear-downs and remodeled homes often have reclaimed wood available.”

Why Choose Gettum Associates for Your Next Green Remodeling Project?

We’re a full-service home remodeling company that can help you with every facet of your project, from design and planning to execution and completion. Let us bring our expertise in design and remodeling to help you create a dramatic and beautiful exterior for your home.

Call us at 1-317-888-5681 for more information on our services, as well as to discuss your kitchen project and how we can help.

Plus, if you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, you’ll want to download our guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area.

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