Upgrade your home with interior and exterior makeovers

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Summer can be a fun time, and with a little planning ahead you can get your home ready for a variety of activities. Your guests will surely enjoy staying with you in your newly made over home. Read on to learn how to prepare a home for summer.

Replace windows to save money on energyReplace old inefficient windows – one major way to prepare for the summer is to find ways to reduce the cost of cooling your home. One major step is to replace old inefficient windows with modern eco-friendly windows. Even newer homes have windows and doors that are not air tight and allow your cooled air to slip right out. With the additional incentives from the federal government, now is an ideal time to address this issue.

Indianapolis porch and deckAdd a bi-level deck and patio – A bi-level deck provides both a sunny, elevated area as well as an area to relax in out of the sun.  When done by a professional, this home addition can enhance both the appearance of your home and your family’s lifestyle.

Have custom cabinets created and installed in your garage – Summer time is the time of year when our garages see the most use. Whether it’s the kids gabbing bicycles or baseball gear, or you using the garage as a hub and storage facility for your lawn equipment, garages are used for more than just storing our automobiles. In the summer, all the additional activities may even make housing your autos impossible. Now is the perfect time to get your garage organized and turn your garage storage area into another valuable space in your home.

Upgrade your exterior – New trees and shrubs offer a chance to mix it up with fresh colors, fragrance and interesting foliage. Adding new trees also adds the added benefit of providing cool shaded places for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Paint your interior or exterior – Nothing says “Out with the old and in with the new!” like a new paint job.

Transform your tired exterior with a new color or simply provide necessary maintenance to your exterior trim.

Don’t forget the inside of your home. Selecting new colors for your kitchen, dining room, family room, and other living areas will add new life to your home and brighten your attitude too. Be sure to talk with your painting professional about using low or no VOC paints for your projects.

Remodel your home – In the summer it is typical for family or friends to visit, even if you aren’t expecting out-of-towners this season, what could be better than upgrading your home so that every day feels like a vacation for your family.  Add a new room, remodel your basement, upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Enhancing your home leads to a more enjoyable time in your home, but beware you may make it so comfortable the guest may not want to leave!

Are you looking to do a home improvement or remodeling project to your Indianapolis area home? If so, don’t miss your chance to save big on your next project.  Request your Consultation.

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