Types of screen for your Indianapolis area porch

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Screen porches have become a popular project around the Indianapolis area and make a great addition to any backyard.  Not only do they provide shade, they expand the indoors outward and can be equipped with many amenities to provide additional living space during the spring, summer and early fall months.

However, at some point, the screening on your porch will need to be replaced.  When looking at screening materials, you will discover there are many options. Each choice has pros and cons, so it is important to consider the properties of each.  This holds true, even for new porches.  Here is a quick summary of some of the most common screen material choices:

Aluminum mesh screening:

aluminum mesh porch screeningAluminum mesh screening (and other metal screening) is the most popular choice. It is relatively strong and can last a while and is relatively inexpensive. However, there are a few drawbacks. First, aluminum mesh can easily dent if hit by an object.  Also, aluminum can be corrosive, especially when it comes into contact with the newer pressure-treated materials. And many types of metal screen maybe prone to staining. But, for older porches built out of the older pressure-treated lumber, or for those without kids, metal porch screening is still a great choice.

Fiberglass mesh screening:

fiberglass mesh porch screeningFiberglass mesh screening is another popular choice for Indianapolis area screened porches.  Like aluminum, fiberglass is relatively inexpensive but has several advantages over aluminum or other metal based screen materials.  First, it will not dent like metal. Also, it tends to not shrink or stretch.  It is a great choice for those with kids, where an errant object thrown will not leave a permanent dent. Further, it is non-corrosive and safe for use with the newer pressure-treated lumber and will not stain.

Heavy duty pet screening:

heavy duty pet screeningOne of the newer types of screening gaining popularity is heavy duty pet screening.  This screen type is made of a vinyl-coated polyester and is several times stronger than standard screening. It resists tearing and denting and is a great options for those with pets that like to scratch screen panels.  Although it is more expensive (up to twice the cost), it is a great durable option, comes in many colors and widths and may save you money in the end by being a long-lived choice.  One such brand of heavy-duty screening that we have installed on many Indianapolis porches is manufactured by Phifer.

Replacing porch screening:

Does your Indianapolis area porch need the screen replaced? Be sure to call a reputable Indianapolis area remodel contractor. One that will stand behind their work and be there for service after the sale. Check with your local builder’s association for a recommendation. For the Indianapolis area, check out Gettum Associates, Inc. award-winning remodel contractors.

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