Three Types of Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling is a complex industry. Specialty professionals, general contractors, and small business home improvement professionals perform a variety of work. Some projects are incredibly simple and take just a few hours. Other projects are so complex that they require weeks of planning and months of work.

There are different types of home remodeling contractors and professionals that you may hire for your next project.

Small Business Tradespeople

Some homeowners make basic repairs on their homes. Replacing a handle on a drawer and a new coat of paint are common DIY projects. Homeowners may also put a new door on a closet and other simple tasks.

For projects that require more expertise or a little heavy lifting, there is a small business tradesperson who can help with basic home improvement projects. However, one of the disadvantages of these small project experts is that they don’t always have insurance.

There are some projects that small business tradesmen have experience with, but they aren’t accredited or licensed in. You can usually trust a basic tradesman to perform simple upgrades, it’s important to make sure that anything complex is handled by someone who is insured and licensed.

Specialty Remodeling Contractors

Just like a lawyer or doctor might specialize in a certain area of their industry, a contractor may choose to do the same and focus on a specific area of remodeling. For example, a specialty contractor might focus on exterior remodeling like roofing and siding, and another contractor might deal solely with bathrooms.

There are also certified professionals who provide services as electricians or plumbers. You may see these specialty professionals hired by a general contractor. Specialty contractors often assist during emergencies when there is a problem like a broken pipe or an electrical short.

General Contractors

If you’re interested in remodeling a significant portion of your home, you’ll want to research local general contractors. Look for those who have experience in completing complex remodeling projects that may prove challenging.

A general contractor will ensure the work is completed by experienced professionals. They will also make sure the project is completed on time. Having all decisions go through the general contractor will make it easier to complete the overall project.

If you’re looking at a very small, singular project like replacing one light fixture or getting a new toilet, you don’t need the expertise of a general contractor. If you want to add an entire bathroom to your house, a general contractor is your best option.

Work With Gettum Associates, Inc. on Your Next Home Remodeling Project

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