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Tips for tempering roof leaks until a pro arrives

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Unless you live in a comic strip, rain dripping on your head indoors is major cause for concern. But what may look like a hole in the ceiling to some, will look to a homeowner like a quickly emptying bank account.

As tempting as it may be, you should not ignore the problem. In a perfect world, right after the leak is discovered, you would get on the phone and call a reputable roofer, who would come over right away, fix the problem, and you could write a check immediately. But the world is not perfect and you may have to wait a couple of days.

Maybe payday is a few weeks away and cash is short. Or maybe the leak was discovered on the weekend and you wanted to wait a couple of days to avoid an emergency service fee. Or maybe you feel you need some time to research reputable and responsible roofers in the area. If you do wait, it is imperative you do as much as you can to prevent further damage.

Stopgap Measures

  1. Collect the water coming into the house. Catch it as close to the leak as possible. Right now you have a roof problem. If the water gets out of control you could end up with wood rot, mold, warped flooring or some other equally troubling issue. Use what you have — buckets, pots, pans, bowls and vases to collect the water. Empty them frequently.
  2. If the roof is safely accessible (it’s not too slippery or steeply pitched) you might try patching or covering the hole to slow the leak. Visqueen or a tarp can temporarily cover the leaking area, suggests. It is also possible to patch small holes with roofing cement.
  3. Know that anything you’ve done will not last long term. If you get down from patching the roof and think to yourself, “this should solve the problem for a decade or so,” we have some transparent new clothes we’d like to sell you. The best result of a patch job is to buy you a few days to find a reliable roofer to do the real repair work.

Fixing it for Good

  1. Call your insurance agency. Figure out if the damage to your roof is covered on your policy and what your deductible might be. Crunch some numbers and do some research.
  2. Do online research, or ask your friends, relatives or neighbors to find a reliable roofer. Be sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. Call references. Get a quote. Ask how they work with insurance agencies (if applicable). Be thorough. Expect it to be expensive. The roof protects everything in your home from the elements. You need it to be awesome.
  3. Round up the money. If, at this point, you’re dreading using the money you’ve saved up for a backyard pool on the roof, you need a reality check. If you cheap out on the roof, you’re likely to end up with a pool — of standing pool of water in the master bedroom. If you have an emergency fund or savings, this is the time to employ it.
  4. Enjoy a home devoid of interior rain showers.

If your in the Indianapolis Indiana area, give Gettum Home Exteriors a call. Gettum Home Exteriors is a division of Gettum Associates, a Greenwood, Indiana based full-service remodel contractor that has served the Indianapolis metro area since 1987.  They will work with you and/or your insurance company to complete the work or repairs in a timely, professional manner.

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