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While interest for bathroom remodeling has always been high, the past few years the requests for such projects have increased noticeably.  As an Indianapolis home remodel contractor, Gettum Associates has recognized a trend in creating larger, walk-in type showers.  In many cases, homeowners are removing once popular but seldom used, garden or whirlpool tubs and reconfiguring the space to accomodate a more spacious shower.

Larger showers can sometimes seem like an unnecessary luxury, however in many cases they serve a need for many busy families.  A larger shower can accommodate more than the standard one shower head and space for one person at a time.  In many of the newer walk in tile showers, there is enough space to add a second shower head or faucet.  The ability of a shower space to allow more than one person to bathe and get ready in the morning can help with a family where both parents work full-time jobs and have children to get ready in the morning.

Along with greater space for efficiency, larger showers now come equipped with many options. Not only are the design options infinite with special tiles, borders, trims etc, many showers utilize corner shelves, bench seats and niches for convenience.  Another convenience that could be conceived as a luxury is that of in-floor, heated shower floor tile.  Heated tile floors have been around for a long time, but the idea to install beneath a shower floor is a welcomed trend! Gone are the days of stepping onto a cold shower the first thing in the morning!

There are many manufacturers and brands of heated floor systems and most offer a solution for heated shower floors. One brand that Gettum Associates has experience with is the Nu-Heat, heated floor system.  Nu-heat, like other brands, offers a heated shower floor system.  Nu-heat utilizes a mesh mat with heated wires that connect to an electrical supply and a thermostat.  The thermostats sets the temperature to your liking, eliminating the shockingly cold feeling on your feet when you step into your shower to wake-up/shower in the morning.  Not only is the warmth welcome to your body, but it also helps dry up water and moisture on the shower floor when you are done. A win-win for you and your shower!

To find out more about creating a functional, larger shower for your next bathroom remodel consult Gettum Associates, an award-winning Indianapolis area home remodel contractor located in Greenwood, Indiana.

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