Thinking of removing a wall in your house? Wait, not so fast!

kitchen remodel

Its true, more and more homeowner’s are choosing to modify and remodel their existing homes rather than building new or buying an existing house.  The reasons for doing so are many, but one of the biggest reasons to remodel a home is to gain more space.

Sure, a family room or kitchen addition adds more space, but can also be costly. An alternative for many is to combine spaces, or open up space, by removing walls partitioning off one or more existing rooms.

While there are many DIY friendly remodel projects that homeowner’s can proudly accomplish on their own, wall removal is not one of them! This is one project best left to the professionals! A reputable local area remodeler has knowledge of which walls are bearing or non-bearing, and has the experience to know how to best remove walls and install proper structural support in it’s place.  Not properly supporting existing ceiling or floor joists, during wall removal, can be a disaster!

Another benefit or hiring a professional remodel contractor is they will apply for, and obtain proper building permits as required by your particular jurisdiction.  It always makes sense to get permits on this type of work, for many reasons. Not only to make sure the work is performed correctly, but also for the safety of you and your family. And last, but not least, future potential buyers of your home may ask what improvements were completed on the home and if proper permits were issued.

Do-it-yourself remodeling is a popular way to improve homes in a cost-effective way. There are many projects a homeowner can accomplish that don’t pose a significant risk to one’s home or health. Wall removal is not one of these projects! Be sure to consult with a remodel expert when considering wall removal to accomplish your family’s needs.

For a remodel consultation around the Indianapolis area, give Gettum Associates Inc a call. Since 1987, Gettum Associates have turned hundreds of houses into dream homes!

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