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Basement finishing tips and advice from an Indianapolis remodel contractor

According to the 2013 Cost vs Value remodeling data, basement remodeling can recoup around 70% of it’s cost, making it one of the prime spaces to remodel or finish in your home.  As many new homeowner’s have unfinished basement, they are a great space to finish when our growing family’s and lifestyles require expansion!  Return on investment with basement finishing is relatively high.  Since the bulk of the structure is already, generally a basement finish is more affordable than a room addition of the same size. And, basements are versatile.  Not only can basements provide additional living and entertainment space, they can also provide additional bedroom and bathroom space.

While basement finishing is a great option to upgrade your home, there a few things to consider when planning your new finished basement space.  First, are you considering adding bedrooms to your basement?  Either now, or in the future, it is important to consider if you would ever want additional bedrooms in the basement.  If so, you will want to consider adding a basement window well. Local building codes require that every basement bedroom to have a means of e-gress, not only in a properly sized window, but also a way to get out of the window well.

As well as having a means of exiting a bedroom directly to the outside, your basement finishing project may require you to upgrade your smoke detectors in your home.  Depending on the amount of existing finished home space a remodel is affecting, local building inspectors may require upgrading the smoke detectors in the home to be hard wired to each other, especially if there is access from unfinished basement/crawlspace below or adequate access from above.  If you have a newer home, that was built after the time the codes went into effect, your home may already meet the required code. However, if your home is older and you begin a remodel project, you may have to comply.

Along with egress and smoke alarms, another thing to consider any existing plumbing in your basement.  Perhaps you have a newer home and the rough-in for the plumbing is already installed.  With older homes, some considerations must be made to install new water lines and drains.  Whether your existing basement has easy access to water lines and waste drain lines or not, the important thing to remember is to plan around the plumbing access.  If you choose to wait to add a basement bathroom, at least plan for the space in advance.  This will greatly reuce the cost of trying to add a bathroom into the floor plan after the fact.  You may not need a bathroom right now, but if you plan ahead you can add one in the future easily.

Careful planning about remodeling your basement is key to saving money now and gaining value later!  No matter if your looking to add a home theater in your basement, a play room for the kids, or additional bedroom and bathoom space, basement finishing adds value to your home.  The good thing, is you can remodel your basement in phases to grow along with your family and your needs.  However, a little planning in advance can go a long way to increasing the value of your home and reducing future remodeling expenses.

If you have any questions about remodeling or home improvement, you can Ask the Home Expert or give Gettum Associats, Inc a call.  With over 25 years of remodeling experience, Gettum Associates can help you with all your Indianapolis area home remodeling needs.

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