The Remodeling Budget Conversation – From a Contractor’s Perspective

remodel project budget

The subject of budget can be perceived as a hard conversation to have with your remodeling contractor. It is only natural to be a little apprehensive in revealing your real budget number. For instance, you are afraid that if you say your budget is $25,000, the contractor will spend the full amount – when you could have gotten what you wanted for less.

While we certainly can appreciate your standpoint, the truth is that when you work with a reputable contractor, they aren’t out to gouge you. They want to give you the best product they can within your budget. After all, contractors rely on repeat and referral business. If they don’t make you feel like you got value for your investment, they quickly find themselves out of work – and out of business.

Here are a few thoughts we’d like to share to help you get more comfortable with the remodeling budget conversation.

Any remodeling firm you are considering should have a process that involves an initial consultation. Here, they’ll ask you many questions about the project you are considering, visit your home, offer some options and will eventually ask you what budget you have in mind.

From our perspective, it is important that you are open and candid with us about your budget. This is the only way we can provide you with options that fit your needs – and budget. Certainly, we can offer the Rolls-Royce version, but if your budget is more in line with Ford, we want to learn that early on in the process. Like all reputable contractors, we aren’t out to spend the entire amount you’ve allotted for your project. Instead, we are eager to provide you with a few options – within your budget – for your consideration.

For example, if you have a budget in mind to remodel your kitchen, but it is a bit tight, we may be able to provide some ideas you hadn’t thought of. This could involve refinishing some of the existing elements, such as floors or cabinets, instead of replacing them. Conversely, if spending just a little bit more will allow you to upgrade finishes, we want to propose those options, too. We simply want to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision you’ll be pleased with.

Another thought: If you aren’t comfortable with a particular contractor, for whatever reason, this is probably not the right contractor for you. You must feel comfortable around them – after all, you are letting them on your property and oftentimes inside your home. If you aren’t connecting with a contractor and can’t be honest about your budget, then simply move on to another company.

Finally, we recognize that everyone has a budget for their remodeling project. Even if you don’t know precisely how much things cost, you do have a figure in your head of what you are willing to spend. Sharing this early in the process can save you aggravation and project delays, and ultimately get you closer to seeing your project come to fruition.

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