The Importance of Smart Design for Your Major Home Remodel

Remodeling projects run the gamut from brief weekend jobs that improve the surface features of a room in your home (like new paint or a new piece of furniture) to major remodeling plans that change the entire layout of your house.

Many contractors excel at creating a beautiful space, but are not necessarily able to help you redesign your home for better functionality. Most people will hire an architect for that work.

However, with the help of a specialized design/build contractor, you can make smart design decisions that will ensure your brand new home addition, your new bathroom, or your complete remodel will offer years of enjoyment for your family.

Knocking Out and Building New Walls in Your Home

Changing the layout of your home is an excellent way to increase your usable space, eliminate poor design issues, and modify the number of bedrooms (or other usable rooms) in your home. One of the popular design decisions homeowners make today is a switch to an “open concept” floor plan, which usually entails removing a wall or two and enlarging the living space.

This process may include removing a wall that separates the kitchen and living room to create a large “walk-through” effect in the room, or it may require removing a wall that separates the dining room to enlarge the area where the family normally gathers for entertainment and socializing.

According to HGTV, it’s necessary to check for several impediments before you remove a wall for a major home remodel:

“Determine if you have to deal with electrical lines, plumbing or HVAC. Opening up a wall you’ve planned to move only to find a big honkin’ HVAC chase in there will ruin your day.”

Not only can your contractor assist with these determinations, but you’ll also benefit from your contractor’s knowledge regarding permits and load bearing walls. Your contractor is also an invaluable resource for figuring out whether it makes sense to remove walls and change the layout of your home.

Questions you may be asked to consider include:

  1. Will removing a room by eliminating a wall reduce the value of your home?
  2. Is the wall you wish to remove one that is essential for the home’s structural integrity?
  3. Would you benefit more from major changes to current layout or a home addition?
  4. Should you consider relocating a room (like the kitchen) to another part of the house?
  5. Will updating the layout improve your family’s experience in the home?

At the center of every major home remodel should be the impact the finished project will have on your home ownership experience. The inception of a remodeling project should stem from a perceived improvement in the livability of the home.

For example, would pairing a new electrical system or new plumbing with other updates to the home make the most sense? Consider that combining a few projects into one timeline can reduce the overall amount of time you spend with your home under construction, as well as reduce the cost of the projects.

The Importance of “Form” and “Function” for Your Home

the-importance-of-smart-design-for-your-major-home-remodelA remodeled home may elicit “oohs” and “ahhs” from onlookers when you install new flooring and updated cabinetry, and your guests might love the look of your new furniture, but are those features comfortable and functional, too?

A living room with gorgeous furniture might not offer you and your guests a particularly comfortable experience when you invite them over to watch the “big game.” With the help of a good design team, you can ensure your beautiful new living room is spacious, functional, and beautiful.

Freshome offers some ideas to consider as you begin planning your remodel:

  • Don’t assume every floor plan fits your lifestyle
  • When touring a model home – take away the upgrades in your mind
  • Ensure architectural features won’t cost you more in the future

You might have a million ideas for your major home remodel. Are they realistic? An expert design team and experienced remodeler can help.

Design/Build with the Gettum Associates Team

Bringing a home remodeling plan from concept to reality takes many steps, and you’ll benefit from working with the design experts at Gettum Associates. If you’re interested in remodeling your home, but you’re not sure where to begin, our design/build services and home design expertise is the place to start. Get in touch with us today to arrange a design consultation, or give us a call at (317) 542-3853.

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