The Best Spring Home Remodeling Projects

There are all sorts of fun spring home remodeling projects you can tackle when the weather warms up from the dead of winter, but which projects are the best? Here are some ideas.

Upgrade, Repair, or Install a Fence

Your fence is something that you can honestly ignore for years – or even decades – without having any real impact to your home other than the fact that a dog might get out (if you own one), and the appearance of your home might suffer from a few bent boards and broken planks.

The spring is an ideal time for repairing your fence, particularly if you plan on entertaining during the summer or expanding some of your outdoor enjoyments with a barbecue installation or deck upgrade. A fence is an excellent project for the spring because the ground will be thawed enough to accommodate the installation.

Tip: Try to think of your neighbors and likely impact of the fence when it’s been built. You may want to consider a fence that matches the style of the other fences in your neighborhood, and you may also want to choose a similar height.

Consider Repairing the Exterior Facets of Your Home

One of the best spring remodeling options out there is an upgrade or repair to the roof, siding, or windows around your home. Spring is an ideal time to have your remodeling contractor begin work on a project like siding because it’s not the busiest time of the year (summer), but it’s not the dead of winter, either.

At the very least, if you’re not ready to actually put the wheels in motion for a siding upgrade or a new roof, you can begin the planning process in the spring with a starting date in the summer. Design your new exterior upgrades in the spring, and see those plans come to fruition in the summer when work begins.

Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Projects

When was the last time you truly undertook spring cleaning? It’s something many of us plan to do when the weather gets a little warmer, but it’s often a project that gets put on the back burner. Sometimes, taking a few days to perform a truly deep clean on your home is a few days you just don’t have to spare.

However, you may find it beneficial to perform the “classic” spring cleaning this year alongside some serious de-cluttering. Over the course of the year, it’s easy to see the closets get filled with stuff and get a little messy, and the springtime is the best time for some recycling and secondhand sales.

Better Homes & Gardens suggests:

“…call your local recycling program to find out what’s collected and how. Getting rid of these unwanted items will make your home feel lighter, larger, and more comfortable.”

When you’ve de-cluttered a substantial portion of your home, don’t forget to actually clean those surfaces once all the junk has been removed or organized. Clean the shelves and really make everything clean, even if it’s a shelf that’s inside a closet that nobody regularly sees.

Plan Your Spring Remodeling Projects Now with Gettum Associates, Inc.

We’re a full-service home remodeling company that can help you with every facet of your project, from design and planning to execution and completion. Let us bring our expertise in design and remodeling to help you create a dramatic and beautiful exterior for your home.

Call us at 1-317-888-5681 for more information on our services, as well as to discuss your home remodeling project and how we can help. Plus, if you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, you’ll want to download our guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area.

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