David Watson

Design and Sales

David has been in the remodeling industry since 1992 and is the design and sales associate. When asked about what he enjoys most about the remodeling industry, Dave says,

“I must admit, providing scaled, conceptual design solutions for our clients is what I truly enjoy. When I am in the middle of a design concept, I am lost in the moment and the details associated with the provided owner information. Based upon experience, the first meeting is the most important element of our process and a successful business relationship. Additionally, gaining the trust of homeowners is truly satisfying for me. Our homes are precious to us, and gaining the trust, respect and confidence of our clients is paramount. Helping others is really what this deal is about. I am very thankful to have found a business that is related to home life, and also very integral to design and problem solving.”

Dave loves family time at home and working in the yard. He adds that. “I also get a great deal of relaxation from watching Indycar racing and basketball (between my wife’s foodtv and hgtv shows).”

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