Tax credits for energy-efficient windows for your Indianapolis home

Receive tax credits for installing energy efficient windows and doors in your Indianapolis area home

tax credits for window replacement

Are you thinking about upgrading windows or doors in your Indianapolis area home? If so, do not forget to claim your tax credits!

Although the credits given for units installed during 2011 are not as aggressive as those offered in 2010, something is better than nothing!  The guidelines to claim tax credits in 2011 are that either windows or doors MUST be installed in an existing home, NOT in new construction. Also, the tax credits DO NOT apply to rental properties. The credit offered is 10% of the cost, up to $500, according to The Energy Star website. Credits for windows alone are capped at $200.  One other thing to remember is a new unit, installed in a new opening in an existing home also qualifies. This was an area that was a big foggy before.

Here is a quick summary of guidelines to claim a 2011 tax credit for energy efficient window or door products:

  • You DO NOT have to replace all windows and doors to quality
  • New units in new openings in an existing, primary residence qualifies
  • 10% of cost can be claimed, up to a $500 credit total
  • Window and skylight credits are capped at $200
  • There may be lifetime limits to credits taken. Consult with your tax professional

For more information, please visit the Energy Star website.

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