Skylight Installation and Replacement in Indianapolis, IN

Have Old, Leaky Skylights in the the Indianapolis, IN Area? Replace them Today With Attractive, Efficient Skylights from Velux and Gettum Associates!

There are many options to choose from with modern skylights. You have traditional shapes and sizes, as well as round “sun tunnels.” As well, skylights can either be “fixed” or “venting”, meaning they can open to allow in fresh air or vent unwanted indoor air pollutants. Speaking of venting, did you know that venting skylights can be solar powered? Pretty cool! Not only that, you can have blinds installed to limit the amount of light and glare in a room whenever you would like.

While you can get skylights that are manually venting or with manual blinds, a better option is solar! Yes, you can in fact get solar powered venting and solar powered blinds, all operated with a convenient remote control! And, here is the icing on the cake:  You can get a 30% tax credit on products such as solar powered skylights as well as solar powered blinds!

For all your skylight installation, repair, and replacement needs, choose Gettum Associates. You can rest easily knowing you’re dealing with a long standing, award-winning leader in the Indianapolis Indiana remodeling industry.


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Gettum Associates installs Velux brand skylights. They have a “no leak” guarantee. In fact, it is the ONLY skylight brand we will install.

Velux Skylights have many options available. Skylights can be fixed or can open. Venting skylights can even be motorized and controlled by a remote! You can also consider adding blinds to your skylights to filter out the right amount of light for the room.

Gettum Associates offers a 5 year warranty on all labor and materials. Velux offers a warranty on their products as well. Contact the company that installed your skylight and request service.

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