Replacing the water hoses on your clothes washer is cheap insurance

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For peace of mind, replace your washing machine hoses regularly

washing machine hose replacementWe take our washing machines and dryers for granted. More often than not, routine maintenance, as suggested by manufacturers are forgotten and lost.  Only when something goes wrong, do we realize we have neglected our washer and dryer appliances.

One of the most forgotten components of our washers are the water supply hoses. There are two of them. One for hot water supply, and the other for cold. We dont often undrestand just how much these components go through in one year. Take a second and think about how many loads of laundry you do.  That’s a lot of washes!

Everytime the hot or cold water supply activates to your washer, the hoses that connect the supply to the machine iteself goes through a lot!  The surge of pressure stretches the hoses. Most are made of rubber and can withstand the streching….for now. And that is only if they are fairly new. As rubber hoses get older, their rubber becomes more brittle and unable to expand as much to the on/off action of the water and the subsequent pressure. This makes the supply hoses to your washer, one of the critical components! Not only in keeping your washer running. But also keeping your home from a major flood! That’s right, a ruptured hose can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the severity and how quick the problem is found.

So, what if your on vacation?  Most hoses are under constant pressure and if old, could give at any time.  What will happen if they give while you are gone? Sure, you might have insurance that will take care of the majority of the problem. But, then you have the inconvience of making the claim, waiting on adjusters and hiring a contractor.  By the way, if you DO need to hire a contractor, check out our GUIDES on tips to hiring a contractor.

All in all, it can be a real pain in the you-know-what.  All because you “forgot” to replace your hoses.  You should strongly consider replacing your hoses every 3-5 years max.  Also, it’s a good idea to periodically check them for cracking or the rubber getting dry as much as possible.  Quality hoses can run around $50. Sure, you can get cheaper but why risk it? Ask your home improvement center for advice on selecting a quality hose replacement kit. I think spending extra money on quality parts will pay for itself in peace of mind in knowing you are good for another few years! Don’t let a floor happen to you, replace your washing machine hoses today!

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