Replace interior trim and interior doors when updating your interior


Consider replacing interior doors and interior trim to make-over your outdated Indianapolis home.

If your doing a significant update to your home, consider replacing trim and interior doors.  If your going to the expense of painting and installing new flooring, you might think about upgrading your current baseboards and window and door casing to a more modern look.You can compliment the new baseboards and new casing with new interior doors.  Many older homes have flush interior door slabs.  Match the new look of your trim with new panelled doors.  With many styles to chose from, your sure to find one that compliments your taste and style of home yet still provide an update

There are a couple different types of interior doors: The most common are solid core and hollow core doors.  The difference being that solid core doors are made of solid wood.  They have great insulating qualities and feel “substantial” when opening and closing, thus they are heavier.  We suggest using solid core doors on the main floor or anywhere they will be used often.

Hollow core doors, on the other hand, can achieve the look of a solid core door, but save on weight and cost. The interiors are usually made of supportin carboard or other and sandwhiched between wood veneers. They are a fine option for bathroom closets and upstairs hall closets, or anywhere that sound control is not an issue.

new baseboards in indianapolisBesides doors, interior baseboard and casing replacement can really spruce up an outdated home. Chose from many styles of baseboars and casing that reflect your taste and take into account the style of the interior and exterior of your home. If your going to paint your tirm, you may be able to save money by chosing a “finger-jointed” material. Poplar interior trim is a great option for paint grade trim and when bought solid, can look great stained and finished as well.  There are many options when it comes to interior trim.

For the DIY’er, there are plenty of resources on the internet to help coach someone to removing and replacing their own interior doors and trim.  Depending on your home, the removal and replacment may be very easy. Or, it could be hard…depending on the vintage of your home and the detail of the existing trim.  If your intimidate and want the advice of a professional, there are plenty of reputable Indianapolis remodel contractors.

If your located in the central Indiana, Indianapolis metro area, give Gettum Associates Indianapolis area remodeling contractors a call, or complete their remodel appointment request form HERE.  Since 1987, Gettum Associates has been helping family’s turn their house into their dream home!

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