Renovate the bathroom or kitchen without spending a fortune

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Renovate the Bathroom or Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

Written by Adam Coholan, an active blogger out of New York who writes about remodeling and interior design based on his experience working with homes on Fire Island for Elliman Real Estate.  You can follow him on Twitter @Coho22.

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be one of the best investments made by a homeowner looking to add both appeal and value to their property. Yet before diving into a full-scale renovation, many homeowners may want to make some small, simple changes. Luckily updated and stylish looks can be created through a number of easy to accomplish ideas that wont have customers worrying stressing about price. These are some trending upgrade options:

Tin Ceilings
Tin ceilings are making a comeback, a trending option that is actually harkening back to older times. Although paint and stucco are often cheaper, tin options are by no means the most expensive method for finishing a ceiling. You can find them in a variety of metal or painted looks as well, to ensure that they’ll match your other metal fixtures in the rooms such like the faucet, stove, and fridge. (photo by Nagolya)

**In addition, for those looking to save money while still maintaining this look, there are also faux tin ceiling tiles which can be painted to match any room. Still easy to install, these faux tiles provide the look of a tin ceiling at a fraction of the cost.

Glass Tile
glass tilesTile has really taken off to new and beautiful levels, especially as the market continues providing consumers with many eco-friendly materials. Tiles today are made from recycled glass and come in a myriad of bright and beautiful colors. Glass tile installs similar to other varieties of tile, and can be used in a number of projects whether it be a tiled backsplash in the kitchen, an accent strip around the room, or on shower walls and floors. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly, tiling projects in the kitchen and bath a fantastic option. (photo by Don Nunn)

Improved Flooring

Today’s market is also seeing a twist on traditional hardwoods: a number of green materials such as bamboo, teak, and cork are making their way into the flooring world. Each option is very durable, while maintaining beauty and sustainability, which is allowing both kitchens and baths the look of hardwood while still focusing on keeping the environment thriving.

**Although newer to kitchen and bath design, running hardwoods throughout the house even into these two rooms is one of the latest trends seen in home design to help draw these rooms in with the rest of the flow of the home. It is important to stay on top of spills in either room though to ensure the safety of those walking over those floors as well as the beauty of the floors themselves.

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