Remodeling and finishing your Indianpolis area basement

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basement finish 1 resized 600 Homeowner’s are always searching for more space, no matter how much they may have. We are always looking for more storage, more recreation areas and sometimes more bedrooms or bathroms.  For those homeowner’s in the Indianapolis area with relatively new homes, you may already have the perfect area of your home to expand into to, the basement! (photo left is by BSquared)

Basement finishing is typically a great investment when it comes to improving your home.  As well as providing functional space, ie bedrooms, bathrooms or living space, the basement is one of the most cost effective areas of your home to invest your money.  There is no foundation work to worry about and no floor system to install and this equals big savings for consumers.

Basements can provide a great place to add bedrooms. However, take note, that each bedroom in a basement will require a means of egress (ie a way to escape in case of fire).  Typically, a window well and window can be retrofitted in an existing foundation wall.  Adding bedrooms can add value and doing it in basement can be cost-effective.

Besides bedrooms, basements are a great place for entertainment and recreation.   Media rooms are popular as a place for the whole family to enjoy movies or television.  As well, game rooms remain popular. Equipped with billiards, darts or other games, a game room as part of a basement finish is a great place for the entire family to have fun!

basement wet bar 1 resized 600One accent space to a basement remodel and finish is the installation of a wet bar.  A wet bar is a great place to not only serve drinks, but provides a great space to serve food!  Many are equipped with the same amenities as a normal kitchen: refrigerator, microwave (and sometimes a stove). and a sink.  Add in a dishwasher and keep all the mess down where it started! (photo by rolled_trousers)

Are you considering a remodel or basement finish for your home?  Be sure to do your research and only hire a reputable Indianapolis remodel contractor.  For more information on how to select a good remodel company and other household tips and advice on home renovation, check out our GUIDES:

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