Remodelers On the Rise Hosts Jason Gettum of Gettum Associates

In this month’s Remodelers on the Rise, Jason Gettum shares his company’s approach to the honesty and integrity that influences each remodeling project by the company. In fact, when asked about what quote for success he would apply to his work with Gettum Associates, Jason said:

“Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

The remodeling industry presents exciting challenges that require creative solutions and dedication to seeing complex projects to the end. A lifelong member of the home renovation industry, Jason and the other members of Gettum Associates, Inc. have spent decades refining their company’s model for success.

When asked what was important to Gettum’s long history and success, Jason said:

“I don’t get discouraged easily. It has helped me out with a lot of business and personal struggles. The ability to persevere is a great trait that I believe I got from my father. But, I don’t quit. I don’t give up easily.”

“I fight through it. I figure out a way to make it happen.”

This enthusiasm for getting the best out of every project is why so many customers offer glowing reviews and repeat business to the professionals at Gettum.

Here’s one of the interesting exchanges in this month’s Remodelers on the Rise between co-hosts Kyle Hunt and Ryan Paul Adams, and Jason Gettum:

Ryan: So let’s talk a little bit about a success quote that you live by. And really try to break it down to us how you might apply that to your life and your remodeling business.

Jason: I have always, especially in the past 5 to 6 years lived by the motto, “work smarter not harder.” And you know, it’s a very cliché saying, but it’s very true. You could chase people all day long for business. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, you’re missing the mark.

Of their services, the renovation specialists at Gettum say:

As members of the Better Business Bureau and the Builder’s Association of Indianapolis (BAGI), we adhere to ethical business practices and abide by standards set forth by BAGI so there are clear expectations between us and you.

Dedication to each client is what lands Gettum on “best of” lists year in and year out. In 2013, Gettum landed in the top five on “The Indy A-List” and they’re up for more accolades on this year’s A-List.

Want to know how you can choose the best contractor for your home remodeling project? Check out Gettum’s guide on selecting a contractor! You’ll learn how to figure out whether a remodeler is reputable and how to avoid paying too much for your home improvement project.

Are you interested in getting a quote on your Indianapolis-area home renovation project? Contact Gettum Associates today for information on a consultation.

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