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Quick Tips to Tackle Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and with it comes the annual ritual of seasonal cleaning. During the month of April you can expect that nearly every house from one end of town to the other will have large piles of “stuff” out for the garbage.

Here are a few basic tips to help get your spring cleaning projects underway:

  1. Dust each room, including all knickknacks and bookshelves.
  2. Clean the telephones, keyboards, tables, desks, doorknobs, light switches, hanging lights, ceiling fans, and yes, even the walls. The walls might not seem dirty, but if you don’t wipe them down every year or so they could build up dirt and grease, which could alter the color of your walls.
  3. Clean all mirrors and windows.
  4. Throw away old newspapers, junk mail, and magazines.
  5. Use white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to polish and shine chrome fixtures.
  6. Clean out the fridge and freezer.
  7. Vacuum all rooms of the house, including the windowsills, bookshelves, air vents, and under the furniture.
  8. Give your stove a good cleaning – inside, out and behind. Replace the dials, if necessary.
  9. Clean out the inside and outside of your washer and dryer. Sweep behind them and under them to ensure that stray items are removed that could cause a fire. Vacuum out the dryer vent as well, to keep lint at a minimum. Speaking of dryer safety, have you read our dryer vent saftey blog?

Follow these quick tips and you’ll be well on your way to tackling spring cleaning early this season and enjoying a little more relaxation during the summer months ahead.

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