New toilet technology could limit overflows

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New toilet innovation could save you hundreds if not thousands!

As a remodeling and home improvement professional, I see a lot of information on new products. Whether it is an advertisement or review in a trade magazine, an e-mail, or literature receive via “snail mail” there is no shortage of new products.  Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to review each product and try to decide whether to give a certain product a closer look. However, one such product caught my eye.

We have all hear horror stories about water leaks and the damages they can cause.  Heavy water damage usually add up to hefty repair bills, or at the very least a claim against your homeowner’s insurance. Neither are a good thing! One of the biggest causes of water leaks is a clogged toilet in your bathroom.  One such innovation aims to change the flood hazard that a toilet can be.

has developed a toilet that uses the same feature both sinks and bath tubs have:  An overflow drain.  An overflow drain can channel water that has reached a given height within the toilet bowl back out of the toilet and safely down a drain.  Sure, it may cause your water bill to spike, but it will save you lots of money in damages or an insurance deductible!  You can find Penguin Toilet models with this feature sold at Lowe’s Home Improvements. (photo at right by Penguin Toilets)

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