Greet the Spring with a New Porch or Back Deck

deck and porch addition

The winter winds may still have a grip on much of the United States, but it’s never too early to start planning a back deck or new porch. While it’s possible to build a deck in just a few days, spending a little time this winter in the planning stage can help you best enjoy the warm months of the year with a new porch or deck.

You have many options for readymade decks and porches that may only take a few days to install, but it’s still essential to choose the right style, size, and type of new porch or deck for your home. Taking care in the planning stage will ensure you and your family will enjoy many years of happy afternoons in your backyard, as well as help make sure your home appreciates in value.

Ask Yourself What Purpose Your Deck or Porch Will Serve

Putting a deck on the back of your house because it might look good isn’t a particularly intelligent way to go about improving your backyard. An important step in making sure your porch or deck investment is a good idea is asking yourself what you might use the deck or porch for when it’s finished. Will you gather with friends and enjoy summertime barbecues? Will it be a place for the kids to hang out after school?

HGTV has more questions you might ask yourself:

“Is it primarily a space for entertaining large groups? Will it mostly host just immediate family members and smaller gatherings? Decide up front whether you’re building a space for a “get raucous get-together,” quiet family time or something in between.”

Once you figure out what purpose your deck or new porch will serve, you can get to work on figuring out its optimal size, the best location for it, and the accouterments you might want to include with the deck once it’s finished. Remember that you’ll probably put some furniture on the deck, so you’ll need to make sure the deck is large enough for the furniture, as well as everyone who might want to visit and relax on it.

Consider Decking Materials Other Than Wood

A beautiful wooden deck offers you and your family a warm and inviting place to have fun, but real wood also comes with splinters and the yearly maintenance that real wood requires. You may feel that a real wood deck is the only way to go for your new gathering space, but there are some excellent options available today that aren’t made of wood but look just like the real thing.

An advice column at Better Homes & Gardens reveals:

“For those searching for something different, composite decking and other synthetic materials such as vinyl are revolutionizing the industry. These products are as close to maintenance-free as you can get, and they last decades. They cost more than most wood, but the payback comes with reduced maintenance (this means no refinishing). The look is very different from real wood, so personal taste is a big part of the decision to use composites or other synthetic decking.”

With today’s manufactured decking materials, the only one who won’t know your deck is made out of a composite material is you, and your guests probably won’t be able to tell the difference. The best part is that you’ll get to enjoy a deck that you don’t have to sand, stain, or paint almost every year. When spring arrives, all that you have to do is walk out of your back door and take a seat in one of the chairs.

Get Design and New Porch and Deck Help from Gettum Associates

Our team of experienced and friendly home renovation experts can help you choose and design an amazing new back porch or deck for your home. Call us at 1-317-888-5681 for more information on our services, as well as to discuss your project and how we can help.

Plus, if you’re ready to get started on a renovation project, you’ll want to download our guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area.

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