Mounting your new flat panel TV-Indianapolis home advice

wall mounted tv

Many homeowner’s have abandoned their bulky entertainment furniture to mount their TVs directly on the wall.  Wall mounted TVs are the latest trend in home improvement and for good reason:  They free up floor space, provide the option of wiring bulky, unattractive cables inside the wall and they’re affordable.  If you are now getting around to purchasing a new flat panel TV and are considering mounting it to your wall, here are a few guidelines for planning your installation: (photo by

1. Know where you want to put it.  For example, if you plan to mount your TV on a wall in the living room the general rule of thumb is to make sure you have at least twice as much wall space as the width of your TV.

2. Have your TV information handy when you shop.  It’s important to match the mount to the size, weight and mounting-hole pattern of your TV, so have your TV brand and model number with you.

3. Choose a mount with the most flexibility.  Do you want a mount that sits flat against the wall or would you rather have one that allows you to tilt, swivel and extend the mount in any direction? Titling and full-motion mounts offer far more flexibility than a low-profile or “fixed” mount and make it easy to hook up cables to the back of your TV.

4. Safety first.  Make sure you are capable of installing the mount yourself, before choosing the do-it-yourself route. Reputable mount manufacturers make most mounts so they are relatively easy to install as long as you follow the directions and have someone else there to help you lift the TV. There’s always the option of hiring a professional to install your TV. If you don’t feel comfortable, consult your local audio-visual professional or some general contractors may be able to help you.

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