Luxurious Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Whether your bathroom remodeling budget is huge or tiny, it’s fun to think about what could be with luxurious bathroom remodeling ideas. Even if you’re not upgrading the entire space with a luxury-sized budget, you may still have a number of luxury upgrades available to you.

It’s common to read that you should spend money on expensive faucets and hardware, but there are a variety of other luxurious features that you may want to also consider and that may make the most sense for how you use your bathroom.

Check Out Those Heated Floors

A feature you might associate with a 5-star hotel or a luxury home is a heated floor, but this luxurious addition isn’t as much of a budget buster as you might think, especially if you’re thinking about remodeling a smallish bathroom.

HGTV reveals:

“Nothing says luxury like stepping onto a warm tile floor after a hot shower or bath. Radiant heating mats can be placed below tiles for a reasonable price — about $600 or less in a small 5×9 bathroom.”

If your bathroom renovation will update the floor, you’ll definitely want to consider installing heated floors, which can make you forget all about a cold winter’s day in Indiana.

Tip: You might want to think about heated towel racks, too. They help reduce the growth of mildew from damp towels.

Make Your Bathroom Entertaining

If you’re lucky enough to have a nicely sized bathroom, there’s no reason you can’t make the space a little more entertaining with some multimedia additions. Adding a television to your bathroom is definitely one way to make long, relaxing baths one of your favorite activities.

You may also want to think about installing a high-quality sound system if the layout of your bathroom won’t really allow you to install a large television. If you have a good sound system already installed somewhere in your home, you might think about upgrading to a wireless system where you can pipe music from your entertainment system into your bathroom.

Create a Versatile Space with Cool Extras

If you’re not otherwise confined by the space of a small bathroom, you may want to think about including extras in your bathroom that can increase the versatility of the space. Here are a few things you can have installed that aren’t of the standard sink, toilet, and bathtub variety:

  1. Consider a shelf or a nook as a place to make coffee where you can smell it brew and drink it while you get ready for work in the morning.
  2. Think about installing a vanity with a comfortable seat where you can sit down to get ready in the morning instead of leaning over the sink to see the mirror.
  3. Create a nook for clothing where it’s out of the way, but it’s ready and waiting for you in the morning when you step out of the shower.
  4. Add a shower-for-two by adding an extra showerhead so both of you can enjoy the hot water in the space.

Do Get Those High-End Fixtures

With all the cool features and additions you can include in your bathroom remodel, it’s a good idea to make sure you do set aside enough of your remodeling budget to invest in high-quality hardware and fixtures. Many bathroom remodeling ideas suggest getting high-quality fixtures because they’re an essential feature of the bathroom and must withstand constant use.

The key thing to remember when choosing your high-end fixtures is that it’s not always appearance that makes a difference in the quality of the fixture.

The home improvement pros at This Old House share:

“Aside from style and features, what separates good lav, tub or shower faucets from the not-so-good is the material they’re made of.”

You’ll find that the costliest faucets are made of brass, which is resistant to corrosion due to hard water and requires the least amount of care during its lifetime. Less expensive options may feature construction made of zinc, which is a good material, but it won’t last as long as brass because it must be replaced when the coating wears off.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom?

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