Kitchen Storage Solutions


It’s not necessary that you will be having a huge kitchen in your house, but you can make the best use of the space available. Following are some of the handy and smart ideas to maximize the existing storage space in your kitchen.

De-clutter your kitchen:

One of the most important kitchen storage solutions is de-cluttering your kitchen. Divide all the belonging of the kitchen into two categories 1) important items and 2) not so important items. Then discard all the unnecessary or not so important belongings. Arrange for a trash bag and throw away the items to it. You can give the belongings to a local charity or even sell online. This will not only help you increase the storage space in your kitchen but also help you organize the existing belongings in a more systematic manner.

Make a plan:

Once you de-clutter your kitchen, make a plan to maximize the storage space. Here are some innovative ideas, given below.

  • Build kitchen carts to store large items like deluxe mixers. These carts are even useful for placing microwave. Removing microwave from kitchen counter to this cart will help you free the counter space for cooking and preparations.
  • Install a kitchen hutch to store dinnerware and crockery. This will not only help you store your dinnerware but will also complement your kitchen decor.
  • Open shelves are also a great kitchen storage solution. These are useful for storing varied items. Display racks can also maximize the storage in your kitchen. You can install different types of racks for different purposes. Some varied racks that you can choose from are pot racks, spice racks, bakery racks and plate racks.
  • You can also mount hooks behind the door of the kitchen to hang utensils like frying pan, spoons, and cups.
  • Build cabinet on the wall of your kitchen or under the sink. Make sure that the cabinet you make complements the overall style of your kitchen and enhances the decoration all together. Kitchen cabinets are useful for storing any kinds of items, such as canned goods, boxed goods, jars, appliances, utensils and party favors. If you reside in Muskoka and looking for cabinet designs, then remember that there are some varied designs of kitchen cabinets in Muskoka. However, if you want to make the best use of the cabinet, you must place the jars and crockery in an organized manner.
  • Kitchen islands can also serve as a great storage solution. There are various types of kitchen islands available in different shapes and forms. They are on two wheels and thus, can be carried any where possible. These islands are not only useful for storing goods but can also be served as dining table.
  • If you find regularly designed cabinets little boring, then you can opt for box shelves. Drawers present in these shelves can also help you make the best usage of space.

Make a budget plan:

It is extremely important to have a detail budget plan. While your kitchen should look sophisticated and elegant, there is no point of spending more than what is necessary. However, if you want to make custom kitchens, then you can hire the services of a prospective kitchen designer.

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