Its BBQ season in Indianapolis, is your outdoor living space ready?

BBQ Season Is Here – Are You And Your Patio Ready?

backyard-grill-indianapolis Summer is here, and if you have not already experienced outdoor cooking, perhaps you are dreaming of the BBQ days in the back yard that lie ahead. But it’s also a good time to make sure your outdoor cooking area is as ready as you are! A nice summer kitchen area is great way to add value to your Indianapolis home without breaking the bank. It’ll also allow you some great quality time with your family and friends.

Start With The Grill  (photo at right by Timsamoff)

The obvious place to start is with the grill. If you haven’t replaced your grill in a few years, you’re in for quite a treat when you see what’s on the market these days. Infrared burners are becoming all the rage for new grills. These infrared burners allow for a more even and hotter cooking surface and can save you money by using less gas to heat the coils. The beauty of the infrared burner is it allows you to cook at a higher heat without burning your food.

Add Some Accessories

You might also consider working with an Indianapolis remodeling contractor to upgrade the deck or patio. You can create an entire outdoor kitchen by incorporating the grill, as well as some shelving units for storage, and maybe even add a bar with an ice machine! If you choose to work with an Indianapolis area remodeling company, contractor you can also get some electrical outlets conveniently placed to allow for a small refrigerator and maybe even a sink. Imagine being able to serve drinks to the family and friends without having to keep running back inside. Or keep the necessary ingredients for the meal cold until you were ready for them.
If you have natural gas in the house already, consider running a line directly to your grill. You’ll never run out of gas again! If you’re really adventurous, don’t forget to add a smoker. You’ll be able to serve BBQ that just falls off the bone. Or really impress the guests with a smoked ham or turkey!

Comfy Chairs

Don’t over look the patio furniture either. It’s important that your guests have a nice place to relax while enjoying the summer kitchen. You can add little spice to the average patio furniture layout with a nice outdoor sofa or lounge.

If it’s been sometime since you made any changes or upgrades to your backyard “oasis”, now is a great time to consider sprucing it up a bit. There are some really amazing things that can be done with a deck or stone patios these days, and the new appliances have become much more affordable. And don’t forget, you’ll not only have a great space to entertain your family and friends, you’ll be adding overall value to your house!

Before you know it you could be the BBQ Master of the neighborhood!

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