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is your lawn ready for summer

You’re Ready for Summer – Is your Lawn?

Summer in Indianapolis is just around the corner and along with all the vacations, summer camps and recreational planning you may be doing, be sure to keep your lawn in mind as well.

A lot of us come to the realization that our yards need some maintenance and prepping after it is too late and we’re already in the season. This year, get in front of that task and do something while the time is right.

There are some basic things that need to be done to your grass to give it a healthy chance of looking good through the season:

  • Raking – You should have your yard raked thoroughly in the Fall and the Spring. This not only removes the leaves but also gets rid of the build up of clippings and waste that accumulates in the grass.
  • Fertilizing – Have fertilizer put down in the Spring. It really depends on your particular soil type, but usually a slow-release type is most appropriate. Also consider having your soil tested to make sure the right type of fertilizer is being applied.
  • Aerating – Over time, compacting of the lawn will cause air to be squeezed out of the soil. This makes for a poor root bed for new grass growth so it needs to be aerated to get the oxygen back in the soil.If you follow these rules as well as basic watering needs, you’ve got a good start to a fantastic looking yard!

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