Is it better to remodel in the summer or the winter?

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Spring/summer remodeling vs fall/winter

As a home remodel contractor serving the Indianapolis area for quite some time, we get asked a handful of common questions by our prospective clients.  Perhaps one of the most common questions we are asked is, “does it make a difference if we complete our project within the spring and summer months, or the fall and winter”? I suspect for some contractors, depending on their specialty, it may matter. For other remodeler’s, it may not.

Although interest in remodeling and home improvement slows somewhat during the fall and winter months, I don’t believe it’s due to weather alone. With fall, most family’s see their children back to school for the year. The back to school season is soon followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving in the late fall and Christmas and New Years in the winter.  After the New Year, many begin to think about and plan their home improvement and remodeling projects for the upcoming spring and summer months.

So what about seasonal weather?

Does it truly matter if it is warm versus cold, or if we see more rain than snow? In reality, for those of us in Indiana it’s a crap shoot. We can have snow in May just as we can experience 70 degree days in February.  All kidding aside, weather truly does not matter to the full-service home remodel contractor.

I like to use second story addition projects as a perfect example.  This type of project requires a lot of work to be done both on top of the existing roof as well as during construction of the new roof system.  In the summer time, being on a roof is HOT! In many cases, our workers would prefer to do this during the cooler months, for obvious reasons.  It’s easier to be able to layer clothes based on the conditions than get to the point where there is nothing left to remove! Then again, snow can be a challenge. However, most snow can be swept off roofs, before it melts. In the case of rain and ice, we avoid both for safety reasons, both for our workers and to protect the home.

In our experience, we have had the best luck in removing existing roofs in the colder, winter months where the likelihood of rain is less. However, as mentioned above, rain requires planning. On days where there is a good chance of a rain shower, we avoid demolition altogether. If there is a chance, we always have a tarp ready to protect the home.  Removing roofs in sections can also be beneficial in minimizing the exposure of the home to the elements. In any case, being prepared is the key.

In summary, a  professional remodeling company that has been around a while has learned to cope with changing weather conditions.  The amount of challenges between seasons is the same, just different. Being prepared to deal with the weather amounts to common sense for the most part.  With careful planning, all conditions can be dealt with.

Ultimately, the choice of when to remodel your home is on you, the homeowner. It depends on the schedule and lifestyle and your family. The important thing is, it really doesn’t matter to us, your remodel contractor, as it does to you and your family.

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