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Its time to organize and overhaul your garage!

Now that it’s summer time and you probably have more outdoor activities – or at least chores – have you noticed your garage has some how turned in to a room sized junk drawer? Don’t fret – it happens. After years of accumulation and “convenience” storage, a garage area can be overwhelmingly cluttered. There’s no time better than now to look in to over-hauling the garage and giving it a sense of purpose again!

Clean Out the Clutter
You need to take care of the clutter first. Decide what truly needs to be kept then have a yard sale, or donate items that can still be used. Then make that trip to the dump to unload the last of it.

Create Space
Now you can get a better idea of ways to maximize what space you have and even develop a plan to expand. You might want to start by hiring a contractor to build insome shelving and a usable work space. The shelves will help keep things off the floor and a work space will keep your tools, crafts, etc. organized in a specific area. You may have an idea of what you’d like and a professional eye can lend some pointers and help make it a reality.

Don’t forget about the entrance to the house from the garage. Sometimes these entry ways are neglected and look a little worse for the wear. Think about having a new door installed with a fresh coat of paint. If there’s room, add a little bench area where people can sit to take off muddy shoes or set groceries. It will do wonders for the appearance.

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