Increasing Square Footage Without an Addition

Moving into a larger home is an obvious way to solve space problems, but what happens when you’re already living in the home of your dreams, and you don’t want to move? What if you have a loved one moving in and need more space? You can increase square footage in your house in a few ways, but not every option requires putting a giant addition on the back of your home.

Adding some square feet and space to your home will likely improve the sale price if you ever decide to sell, and the space will improve the experience you have living in your home whether it’s for another few years or several decades.

Here are some of the ways you can increase the size of your home without significant renovation cost.

Add a Sunroom to Your Home

Want to know how to add an addition to your home that’s dramatic and less expensive than adding bedrooms, a living room, or other interior rooms?

Airy and filled with light, a sunroom is an affordable solution for that will improve the area your family has to relax in your home. When the winter arrives, and it’s time to take activities indoors, the sunroom will remain a terrific space for enjoying the day.

Did You Know? A sunroom is a wonderful way to increase the sunlight you get to enjoy during the winter. With its big expansive windows, a sunroom is also a terrific way to feel closer to the outdoors even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Finish the Basement or Attic

Sometimes, you might want to put an addition on your house, but the size of your yard and the present footprint of your home prevents a traditional addition. Instead, you might try finishing the basement or the attic for an extra bedroom or an entertainment space.

In fact, an article on reveals that an attic bedroom is a terrific option for ROI:

“The number one home improvement project as far as recouping a return on your investment is the addition of an attic bedroom, according to Remodeling Magazine. At a nationwide average cost of a little over $50,000, expect to recoup 72.5 percent of the cost of adding the attic bedroom when you sell the home.”

Even if you don’t turn the attic or basement into a bedroom or a space where people might congregate, these areas can help de-clutter the rest of your home by creating organized storage space.

Get Smart with Storage Space

Everyone loves more storage space. Big closets, tons of spacious cabinets, and cubby holes as far as the eye can see. However, an abundance of storage space can also limit the room your family has to enjoy when the home’s overall size is already modest.

In addition to going through your house from top to bottom and removing the old clutter and things that should be recycled or donated, making smart decisions on storage space can have a big impact on how big your home “feels.”

While some homes may lack closets and require some creative solutions to that problem, relocating closets and using space more efficiently for storage is important if you want your rooms to look and feel bigger.

What’s the Best Type of Room to Add?

If you have space to add a room through a renovation, there are a few details you’ll want to consider as you decide what type of room to add. You might automatically think a new space should be a bedroom, but don’t make the decision before considering the following.

  1. Homes with only one or two bedrooms benefit greatly from a third.
  2. Homes with only one bathroom will benefit most from a second bathroom.
  3. Consider the best room for your own family if you don’t plan to move.
  4. Look at local trends for the best room if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

Your contractor is an invaluable ally for helping you decide which projects are best for increasing square footage in your home. Let your contractor inspect your home and make recommendations on the best options for increasing your home’s square footage.

Ready to Increase the Room in Your Home?

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