How to Protect Your Home While Renovating

Home renovations, whether done DIY or with a contractor, can be an especially exciting time. Finally, after months or even years, you’re turning that small, unused bedroom into an expansion of the living room, or you’re adding the sunroom you’ve been dreaming about since you bought the house. No matter what changes are being accomplished, you should double-check that your home will be protected before and during the renovations.

Before Renovation:

Minor renovations likely won’t affect your home’s overall security, but there are some changes you should think twice about before going right ahead. For example, you may be ecstatic about the possibility of a high, wraparound fence that gives you complete privacy from neighbors. However, high fences are one of the first features a burglar looks for, since they know that no neighbors or police driving by will be able to notice anything abnormal occurring at your home from the other side of the fence. For the same reason, if you’re considering heavy landscaping, any large shrubberies or trees should be kept away from the side of your house, otherwise they’ll provide the perfect cover for burglars.

If you’re considering adding a sunroom you should recognize that, with so many breakable windows, this room will be a main target point for intruders. Treat any sunroom like a back patio, and lock entryways between the sunroom and the rest of your house with deadbolts or automatic locks. Don’t forget to add exterior lighting, specifically motion lights, just as you would for the rest of your home’s exterior.

Don’t skimp on materials. If you’re adding new rooms, you may already be investing a hefty sum in building costs, but skimping on proper windows and doors (which should be shatter-resistant and steel, respectively) will only leave you with regrets later. That also means your window and door frames should be built from strong material that an intruder can’t wedge open with a crowbar. Chances are, your home insurance agency will help cut your costs if you inform them of any security updates by reducing your monthly bill.

If you haven’t already, install a home security system. During renovations, doors will be open, unknown people may be walking through your home, and you might not even be home to supervise as often as you should be. Luckily, most well-known, national security systems, like ADT Security offer the option of installing surveillance equipment. If yours doesn’t, you can always take the initiative and plant a few cameras yourself. Not only will this incriminate any thieves, it will also allow you to keep an eye on kids playing too close to construction areas, as well as any workers who may be taking advantage of your dime.

During Renovation:

It’s important during renovation to keep the construction in one area of the house at a time. That way, if walls are coming down, or windows and doors are left vulnerable, you can lock up the rest of the house, so that any intruders won’t have immediate access to your entire home.

When replacing doors or windows, instead of leaving paper thin plastic to guard your home against weather and burglars, consider purchasing stronger door and window guards. These are usually used for vacant homes, but if you have open entrances to your home for more than a night, chances are you’ll want a little more protection.

One of the most important things to remember is to only acquire help from contractors with a well-known, positive reputation. After all, you’re letting a stranger (or strangers) into your home, and unless you’ve seen previous, positive, customer reviews, you shouldn’t consider them safe. It’s wise to go the extra step and call one or two previous customers, just to make sure no funny business occured. You may think you’re being paranoid, but any thief will tell you that they might act like professional repairman, then use the inside knowledge on your home later. This goes for any additional workers they may also hire.

Lastly, double-check that at the end of the day, everything is locked up, and your security system is set. This means that any open areas of your home are shut as best as possible and any equipment that needs to be left outside is tagged with an alarm to prevent theft.

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