Home Winterizing Projects You Should Try in the Fall

As the days get shorter and we prepare for the autumn season, there are home winterizing projects that can be done now. Getting an early start could mean the difference between a fully functioning home and one that needs unexpected repairs this winter.

If you’re a resident of Indiana, you are used to the cold, snowy winters. Here are some ways to help your home survive the winter months, no matter what mother nature throws your way.

Check the Fireplace and Get It Ready

You might not need to use your fireplace until well into the winter months, but it’s important to pay some attention to it before it gets cold enough that you need it. 

According to Lowe’s, it’s a good idea to remove debris and soot from the fireplace each year.

“A clean fireplace functions efficiently and safely. Cleaning is also essential for minimizing dust and soot in your home.”

Lowe’s recommends cleaning the grate and irons of the fireplace but doing so outside with a nylon brush and some water. If you want to improve the appearance of your irons, you can use some metal polish.

You may want to call a fireplace professional to deep-clean the walls of the fireplace, particularly if it’s been a few years since you’ve actually removed the soot from the area.

Upgrade the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

There are home upgrades you can make for your home that will increase its energy efficiency. Behavior changes you can implement will also save you money on energy. One of the best ways to increase your overall home efficiency is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat.

According to This Old House, programmable thermostats aren’t that expensive.

“Simple models that only control heat are sold at home centers for around $25. More expensive products… handle many more functions, including cooling and humidifying. Typically they’re purchased through and installed by HVAC contractors, but you can also buy them online.”

If you’re thinking about a remodeling plan that may upgrade, modify, or repair your HVAC system, a programmable thermostat is an excellent way to increase your home’s energy efficiency this fall and into the winter.

Additionally, the fall is a terrific time to invest in some simple, energy-saving devices like draft stoppers that you can put under drafty doors. As well as repairs to the seals of windows around your home that may be leaking air in or out of the house.

Upgrade or Repair Your Gutters

The muddy sludge of wet leaves and fall precipitation can create havoc with your gutters. Cleaning the gutters, repairing them, and readying them for fall is an essential home winterizing project that you don’t want to ignore.

Home Advisor also suggests leaf guards:

“Install leaf guards to keep falling leaves and other debris out of cleared gutters.”

Gutters are a simple feature of your home, but they’re incredibly important for keeping rainwater away from the foundation of your home. As well as delivering water from the roof to the grounds around your home. 

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