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For a Carmel, Indiana home owner, additional office space was more important than an exterior balcony.  The orginal house was built with an upper level, walk-out balcony porch that attached to what is now a second floor home office.  The door to the balcony was centred in forty-five degree angle exterior wall.

Essentially, this angled wall with a door out to the balcony encroached the room by four feet. And unfortunately, the exterior balcony was constructed in a way that relied on a rubber membrane to protect the outer floor system from the weather, as well as keep the finished first floor space below dry!

Existing pictures:

home office expansion picture 1 exterior balcony exterior balcony leaks

In this case, the change that was about to become was a good thing, as the rubber membrane balcony porch floor was beginning to leak.  The plan was to remove the 45 degree angle wall and sqare off the corners.  As the floor system was already in place, construction involved extending new sub floor and new exterior wall system.  New windows, siding and trim were installed to blend the new into the existing.  In place of a rarely-used tiny space, the homeowners regained more wall area and more volume and did not sacrifice much light.

The pay-off for this family was useable all space, about eight additional feet in all.  As well, there is now a peace of mind knowing that no further damage would occur in the first floor below from a leak in the balcony floor above.  To blend in the new expansion with the existing roomf, the interior walls, ceilings, baseboards and crown moulding were extended.  The new space looks as though it was constructed that way originally, which is most always the goal with an addition or expansion of any kind. Check out the finished pictures below.

New expanded office space pictures:

office expansion after 1 office expansion after 2 office expansion after 3

While not always apparent, there are many creative ways to add more family living space, more bedroom space and, in this case, a larger home office.  An experienced Indianapolis area design and remodel contractor can help assess your needs and come up with a solution to accomplish your goals.  Choosing the right contractor for your next project will ensure your overall happiness by working with you to not only meet your needs, but build it in a way that makes it look like it was always that way!

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