Holiday organization: Better organization = less stress!

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The results are in!  Statistics show…

Better organization=less stress!

(Brought to you by our friends at California Closets of Indianapolis)

As the Holidays are quickly approaching us, you may find yourself in dire need of organized storage more so than any other time of the year. Having organized solutions throughout your home help to provide peace of mind, as well as simplify your home and life. (photo right, by

Once everything has a storage “home”, chaos quickly becomes methodical and organized storage.  Often people complain that they do not have enough closet space, when in fact, it is simply that the space they do have is not being used to its maximum potential.

As we approach the slippery slope known as the Holidays, keep a few of these organizational tips in your back pocket and you will have a much more efficient and ORGANIZED Holiday season!

  1. Designate a Gift Wrap Area (complete with all gift wrapping supplies)
  2. Designate a Gift Storage Area…How many times have we found a Holiday gift a year later?! Ideally this area will be near to the Gift Wrapping Area, and all gifts should be stored together.
  3. Holiday Containers! This applies for all Holidays that have decorations. Be sure to store Holiday decorations together, and in either Clear Containers or in Holiday colored containers. Label the top or side of the container with its contents. This will make finding next year’s “Baby’s First Ornament” that much easier!
  4. Above all, have a GREAT Holiday Season!

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