Here’s Where to Spend Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen remodel can completely change the look of your kitchen, or it can offer you a modestly updated space for your family gatherings. As you budget your kitchen renovation, it’s important to spend money on the features that make sense for your lifestyle, and to avoid cutting corners where cheap materials may cost more in the long run.

Here’s some budgeting advice and ideas on where to spend money on your kitchen renovation.

Simple Concepts for an Amazing Kitchen Renovation

If you’re not a design expert, you don’t need to worry that your kitchen will turn out like a disaster area. An experienced contractor will provide helpful advice on the best features for your new space. A variety of simple ideas will also help guide you during the design phase.

Style at Home lists some important considerations for your kitchen remodel:

  • Don’t sacrifice quality.
  • Get a beautiful countertop.
  • Don’t crowd the room with “decorative excess.”
  • Stick with the basics for appliances.
  • Install features you’ll use instead of stuff that looks good.
  • Connect the design scheme to the adjacent dining room.

Overall, much of the advice for a beautiful kitchen renovation rests in making careful choices on what to include in your remodel and what to leave out. For example, you might think a big row of shiny appliances looks stunning in a store display, but are all those machines right for your kitchen?

Do you need the professional-grade cooktop, the massive refrigerator, and the double ovens? Consider the available space in your home and install appliances you know you’ll use in sizes that are appropriate for your family.

According to House Beautiful:

“A well-designed kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum efficiency.”

With help from your contractor, you can definitely combine trendy features with functionality and usefulness. For example, you might consider installing new cabinets that reach the ceiling if you’re searching for extra cabinet space and your current set leaves a few inches at the top.

Smart Budgeting and Planning for Your Remodel

A kitchen remodel that replaces major features like the floors, cabinets, and countertops is usually a job for a contractor. You can probably update the fixtures and the hardware on your own, but a professional renovator will know about regulations, permits, and all the ancillary projects that come along with a significant kitchen renovation.

Additionally, you may find it useful to get an architectural rendering of your future kitchen that lists the “must-haves” you want in your kitchen, as well as the “wish list” of items you’d like to have. For example, maybe you want great appliances, but you’re willing to save money with cabinet resurfacing (instead of replacement) and linoleum floor (instead of stone).

This Old House suggests:

“…An architectural rendering or to-scale drawing of your existing kitchen, showing the location of windows, doors, heating, plumbing lines, and electrical outlets.”

In the months before you hire your contractor and plan your remodel, collecting ideas and suggestions is the best way to have a productive planning session with your contractor or architect. Even if you’re just saving some images on the internet, these ideas can help your contractor plan a renovation where you’ll love the result.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself

As you collect ideas for your kitchen project, you may want to ask yourself some questions that will help you understand how your family uses the kitchen and what features are most important. Here are a few of those questions:

  1. How big is your family? Are there many cooks in the kitchen or does a single person usually handle the major meals? A busy kitchen might require creativity with the layout.
  2. What appliances do you use most? Are you in the kitchen each night preparing a gourmet meal? Do you prefer quick meals that take minutes to prepare? Your answers will guide which appliances you’ll install, as well as their quality.
  3. Do you have anything on your wish list? Would you like your new kitchen to feature something your current kitchen lacks? Perhaps a self-cleaning appliance, easy-to-clean countertops, or more storage.

Is Your Kitchen Ready for a Renovation?

If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen renovation project, you’ll want to download our eBook: Seven Questions to Ask When Choosing a Remodeler in the Indianapolis Area or contact us for more information on your renovation or remodeling project.

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