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3 season screen porch resized 600

Adding on to your home can be a wise investment. It can also add to your quality of living.  Spaces such as 3-season rooms or sunrooms can not only add space, but bring indoors out.  The challenge that contractors face is how to adequately heat and cool these new additions, without robbing the existing HVAC system of efficiency and performance.

First, it can be difficult to figure out how to connect the ductwork of the new space into the existing duct system. More importantly, the cost and the return on investment is a huge factor:  many times, the expense of having to upgrade the heating and cooling system of a home was enough to throw a project over the homeowner’s budget. All for upgrading a system to heat and cool a room that may not be used year round, or not all the time.

ductless split system resized 600Recently, new products have been manufactured that provide solutions to those problems.  New ductless, split-system units are gaining in popularity and provide a product that eliminates the challenge of installing ductwork, is very efficient and can be used only when needed.  Popular units such as those made by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating and Fujitsu General, are being used more and more for Indianapolis area porches and sunrooms.

The units consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit and a relatively small outdoor unit.  The unit works to both heat and cool, depending on the weather conditions. It’s controls are usually mounted on a wall, but many units are remote control capable.  The efficient and quiet operation is a pleasing choice over traditional thru-the-wall units similar to those installed in hotels.

Talk with your contractor about your heating and cooling options when it comes to your new space. Whether its a 3 season room or a sunroom, a ductless system may be the right option for you.

For more information about adding an addition to your Indianapolis area home, set up your free, no obligation remodel and home improvement consultation.

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