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Consider Eze Breeze porch panels to have a screened porch and 3 season room for one price!

This summer, home improvement contractors across the United States, including here in the Indianapolis Indiana area, saw a rise in the interest of outdoor living projects.  Home improvement projects such as decks, pergolas and screened porches were very popular and we expect that trend to continue.

To compliment the interest, a wide variety of newer materials became mainstream. Products such as composite decking and railings, heavy duty porch screening and the like grew in popularity.  As well, homeowner’s looked to maximize their return on investment.  When it came to porches, Gettum Associates Inc was able to provide a product that extended the usefulness of homeowner’s screened porches through the use of a up-and-coming product: The Eze Breeze porch panel system. (click photo at above left to see the project gallery)

eze breeze porch picture resized 600This unique system combines all the great things about a screen porch with the added benefit of extending the porch to become a 3 season room during the cooler months.  The special sliding, vinyl glazed panels can be opened or closed to either block the chilly fall breeze or increase air flow in the warmer months.  The “windows” can even be removed if needed or desired.

The glazing used is a vinyl product with elastic qualities. Meaning, it can be pushed in by little Johnnys hand and spring back into its original shape.  The panel frames are made out of aluminum and come in four (4) color options:  white, bronze, beige and pebble khaki.  The glazing comes in a few different shades ranging from clear to a dark gray.  The screening that comes with each panel can also be ordered in different colors and densities that filter the incoming light differently.

Sure, you could install aluminum storm windows, or standard vinyl window units. But, when it’s time to let the air in, you have to remove the sashes, which are heavier and bulkier than the eze breeze panels. Then, you have to find a place large enough to store them. And, best of all, this products is usually less expensive than installing typical windows!

If your looking to expand the usefulness of your screen porch in the Indianapolis area, schedule a CONSULTATION today and learn how affordable it can be! Click here

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