Getting All The Best Features in Your New Indiana Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel options

A bathroom remodel may require major changes to the layout of your bathroom, or it might simply feature simple updates to the surface features of your space. Whether you’re headed into a major bathroom remodel, or you’re thinking about a minor update, you have several new and modern features you can include in your bathroom.

After a few months of enjoying your new bathroom, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without all these cool types of technology and devices.

Solar Tubes

A phrase that’s not too well-known just yet is “solar tube,” and it refers to a type of installation that allows you to take advantage of the beautiful light granted by a skylight without the same hassle of installing an actual skylight.

House Logic explains how it works:

“Known variously as a sun tube, sun tunnel, light tube, or tubular skylight, a solar tube is a 10- or 14-inch-diameter sheet-metal tube with a polished interior. The interior acts like a continuous mirror, channeling light along its entire length while preserving the light’s intensity. It captures daylight at the roof and delivers it inside your home.”

On your roof, a solar tube is capped by a weather-proof plastic globe. The tube ends in a porthole-like diffuser in the ceiling of a room below. The globe gathers light from outside; the diffuser spreads the light in a pure white glow. The effect is dramatic: New installations often have homeowners reaching for the light switch as they leave a room.”

One of the greatest benefits of a skylight is that it can cost less than half of what a traditional skylight might, and if you’re on a tight budget for your bathroom remodel, a solar tube can offer the most financially prudent option when you want more natural light in your bathroom.

Direct Connection to the Closet

If you frequently rise before your partner in the morning and have trouble keeping quiet (or the reverse is true), a bathroom that features a direct connection to the closet might improve things.

According to HGTV, you might want to consider a layout change in your home with a pass-through bathroom or connected closet:

“A closet or dressing area flowing off the master bathroom is a luxurious and convenient feature. This layout allows one person to get ready in the bathroom while the other enjoys undisturbed sleep in the bedroom.”

Knocking out a wall during your bathroom remodel might seem like a costly addition to your renovation plan, but it’s one to consider if you’re already making major updates and changes to your bathroom. The connection may even allow you to make layout changes to the bathroom, as well as make the space seem larger with the additional doorway.

Walk-In Shower

One of the features often included in bathroom remodels meant for an “aging-in-place” homeowner or resident is a walk-in shower or walk-in tub. While a walk-in tub tends to look like a feature in a bathroom meant for an elderly individual, a walk-in shower can serve the same purpose while still looking like a luxurious spa bathroom you’d find in an upscale hotel.

Houzz reveals that a walk-in shower could be the answer to small bathroom woes:

“Do you love nothing more than an invigorating morning drench but can’t see a way of fitting a shower enclosure into your bathroom layout? Or maybe you want to ditch the bath altogether? Then a walk-in shower could be the solution.”

Not only can you improve the style and modernity of your bathroom with a walk-in shower and a rain shower head, but you can also ensure your bathroom is easy to use in the future when you or a loved one may need the safety of a walk-in shower. You can include a seat on the side of the shower that will not only look stylish, but will also provide a place to sit when necessary.

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