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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there have been many trends over the years. No matter if your located in Indianapolis Indiana or on the west coast of this country, homeowner’s have seen styles come and go.  It seems like yesterday that polished brass was the new norm for plumbing fixture and trim finishes. Then chrome came and went and was replaced by sink faucets in oli rubbed bronze and brushed nickel. Who know’s what is next. I recently heard that chrome finishes were making a comeback? Fine by me.

Other bathroom trends through the years include the addition of large, built-in tubs.  As well, the average size of a master bathroom shower easily doubled in size.  Many high-end remodel projects to the bathroom space included expansive walk-in shower spaces with materials ranging from solid surface products to tile, both man-made and natural stone. So what is the next major trend?

While showers continue to be large in size, and some incorporating dual shower heads, body sprays and overhead rain fall fixtures, trends in bath tubs have also evolved. Seemingly gone is the demand for large space eating whirlpool tubs. Large one or two person whirlpool tubs have noticeably been displaced by free-standing tubs.  In many cases, this trend makes sense.  Many whirlpool tubs are installed within a framed “tub deck” that gobbles up large section of wall space. In contract, a free-standing tub sits alone and does not consume the same amount of space, both in actual measurements as well as visually.  As a remodel contractor, we still see requests for “built-in” tub units, but mostly with larger bathrooms.

A free-standing tub can be situated in the same general area as a whirlpool tub, but not actually touch the walls. There is no framing to encompass the tub and no tile for a tub deck and surround. This is great for smaller spaces. Visually, there is no “mass” to distract from the space.  In many cases, the overall dimensions of a free-standing tub are similar to a tub model that needs to be housed within framing. But obviously, without the framing and surround.

As far as manufacturers and models to chose from there are several. The tubs we see requested and installed the most are Victoria and Albert and Barclay.  When you research tub pricing of all brands, you may think WOW, those are expensive! However, if you consider the costs incurred to frame a tub deck and tub surround and install solid surface, stone or tile, you will find the pricing is comparable.

If your thinking about remodeling your master bathroom in Indianapolis, do your research and see what meets your needs and fits your space.  In many cases, it is good to hire a design build remodel constractor that can accurately assess your needs, draw a plan accordingly, give you a guaranteed price to make the improvements and complete your project. This will keep your cost to a minimum and free up your time to make your selections and finally enjoy the master bathroom of your dreams.  Find out about the design and build process HERE.

If you have questions and need answers about remodeling your Indianpolis area master bathroom, give Gettum Associates a call. Since 1987, Gettum Associates has turned hundreds of houses into dream homes.

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